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Seasonal Coffee Subscription

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Seasonal Blends Offer Year-Round Delight!

Our roasters craft unique blends inspired by the season using the latest harvests of delicious beans. The nuances may change, but not the promise of palate-pleasing perfection every day of the year.

Our current seasonal offering, Nocturnal, is packed with notes of dark chocolate, nougat, and toasted walnuts complemented by subtle lemon and guava sweetness.

Our next release is Snowshoe in late fall/early winter.

Roast: Medium

Tasting Notes: dark chocolate, nougat, toasted walnuts, lemon & guava

Acidity: Balanced

Aroma: caramel & roasted nuts

Our current seasonal coffee is Nocturnal. Snowshoe will arrive in early winter.

We love to capture all of the flavors these bountiful beans offer by using a French Press. Of course, any brew method you choose will deliver a delicious brew. Need some tips? Our brewing guides are here to help.

Fresh coffee means your order will take up to three business days to ship from our roastery. If you place an order on the weekend, it will not be processed until Monday. Don’t fret, you’ll get an email update when your box of happiness is on the way!

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19 Reviews for Seasonal Coffee Subscription

  1. My absolute all-time favorite is Pollinator….love love love it💗💗💗

    — Mary C.

  2. Snowshoe was delightful—it had kind of a chocolatey spice taste, not overpowering at all. Nice winter coffee. Would definitely order again.

    — Madeline T.

  3. It is so exciting to get to try a new coffee. I got whole bean to grind. The aroma is fantastic. The taste is a perfect way to start a cold morning.

    — Nancy B.

  4. This is a fantastic blend for winter. Creamy and rich and amazing with a little vanilla creamer.

    — Trina G.

  5. I love this blend! I wish it was available year round.

    — Allison P.

  6. It was pretty good but I wish the flavors came through a bit more. I tried a few brewing methods but maybe needs pour-over.

    — Shrey P.

  7. Love the variety to reflect the changing seasons. Peace Coffee is hands down our family’s favorite!

    — Sarah S.

  8. I’ve loved getting to change up my coffee throughout the year while still supporting one company that I really believe in! Snowshoe is definitely my favorite — it makes me feel so cozy during the winter months!

    — Abigail M.

  9. Just waiting for summer to come around so Pollinator is back in rotation.

    — David D.

  10. enjoying nocturnal coffee very much. it is our new special weekend coffee!

    — LYNN G.

  11. I find the subscription program easy to use and very convenient. I like the Nocturnal.

    — Satoko K.

  12. I love the subscription program ❤️
    The seasonal blends are amazing.

    — Janeanne L.

  13. The Snowshoe Blend was amazing! I go through coffee bags super quick, so the 5 lb bag was a good option for me. I’m very picky with my coffee, and so far, every bag has been fantastic! Peace Coffee has always been my go-to reliable source of coffee :)!

    — Sydney T.

  14. Fun to try new coffees. Nocturnal was not my favorite but seems like personal preference since others have reviewed as “fantastic!” Peace Coffee is always responsive to suggestions and feedback.

    — Sara W.

  15. Waiting on my 2nd subscription of the seasonal blend! Love the taste, the smell, and the cause behind this awesome company!

    — Kelli B.

  16. I’m on my 2nd seasonal coffee of the subscription and WOW! Nocturnal was fantastic, I was a little sad when I saw that it was going away. But then I received Snowshoe and just love it!! Perfect for cold midwestern winter days. I can’t wait to see what the spring/summer blend will be like. I highly recommend this subscription!

    — Andi A.

  17. A favorite… I remember drinking this one when the Peace Coffee shop was still open and look forward to it’s return each year. Delicious! If I had to recommend any seasonal blend be “promoted” so year round, this would be it.

    — James B.

  18. All three of these coffees are wonderful and would make an excellent gift for any discerning coffee lover… especially one who likes their coffee with a lot of kick and exceptional flavors that need no additions save for some cream and honey, perhaps.

    — Jerielle H.

  19. The seasonal offerings brighten up a long winter and were a delightful addition to my monthly coffee subscription. All 3 were well received in our house and as seasonal gifts for friends. I’d like to extend the mission of each one to support a nature conservation organization – just an idea. Keep doing what you’re doing PEACE COFFEE!

    — Heather Anne W.

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Daily Brew 12oz 20oz 5lb
1 mug / day
3 weeks 1 month 4 months
3 mugs / day
French Press
1 week 2 weeks 2 months
6 mugs / day
1 week 1 week 6 weeks
8 mugs / day
Drip Brewer
< 1 week 1 week 4 weeks

Your brew strength and mug size may vary!

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