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Welcome September!

Hang out with our friend Samuel the Sloth and ease into the season change as the temps cool and the warmth of coffee becomes even more important!

A New Mug For Your Cupboard
bag of fair trade dark roast coffee

Twin Cities

Smooth & Inviting

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Fav! 12 oz bag of organic Colombian coffee beans


Luscious & Leisurely

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bag of the best medium roast coffee

Blue Ox

Hearty & Reliable

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Find Peace Coffee

Thanks to the hard work of our roasting, packaging, & delivery team and the food distribution workers across the country, we are still available at independent grocers, major retailers, & select to-go locations!

Cub Foods
National Co+op Grocers
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Consistently great coffee – what else do you need?

— Becky W.
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I’ve been drinking Peace Coffee for nearly two decades. The best!

— Lance R.

Let's be friends.

Always Organic Pedaling Sustainability
Celebrating 25 years of Peace Coffee
Always Fair Trade Brewing Community

Love coffee with us!

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