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Yeti Cold Brew Blend

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Yeti is a blend of cold brew coffee beans conceived for adventures that inspire tall tales. After a few miles on the trail, a glass of our signature cold brew blend is just the thing to refocus your eyes on what fanciful furry beasts could be up around the next bend. No matter how you brew these cold brew beans, each sip will challenge your perceptions of sweet, caffeinated reality.

❄️ Stay chill, & caffeinated! Yeti Ambient Playlist

Pairing beautifully with the smooth, chocolatey Yeti Cold Brew Blend from Peace Coffee, this playlist is a dive into the world of ambient music. Grab some cold brew and chill out with these beautiful soundscapes 🥶!

Roast: Medium

Acidity: Soft

Body: Syrupy

Aroma: Chocolate, Toast, & Almond

Tasting Notes: Caramel, Dark Chocolate, Smoky

  • Always Organic & Fair Trade
  • Shade Grown, Fresh Roasted
  • B Corp Certified
  • Low Acid Coffee

While we prefer brewing Yeti with the cold brew coffee method, it’s also delicious in a French Press. Of course, any brew method you choose is perfect. Need some tips to get your cold brew coffee beans just right? Our brewing guides are here to help.

Fresh coffee means your order will take up to three business days to ship from our roastery. If you place an order on the weekend, it will not be processed until Monday. Don’t fret, you’ll get an email update when your box of happiness is on the way!

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77 Reviews for Yeti Cold Brew Blend

  1. Love ice coffee, the yeti cold brew is the best i have tasted . Very robust. And always consistent
    I put a dollop of whip cream crushed ice and blend it up into a frozen coffee

    — Michelle A.

  2. Love ice coffee, the yeti cold brew is the best i have tasted . Very robust. And always consistent
    I put a dollop of whip cream crushed ice and blend it up into a frozen coffee

    — Michelle A.

  3. This is my go to as soon as it gets warm! Add heavy whip and my husband and I note it almost tastes like chocolate milk without the sugary afterbite. Yum!!

    — Molly S.

  4. OK, I know it’s a Cold Brew Blend, but I love it hot in the morning with cream and sugar. (Oh, yes–it’s also great brewed in the Cold Brew Toddy!)

    — Lori K.

  5. Delicious Cold brew! I have been trying to be more aware of my coffee spending (cold brews at most coffee shops are $5-7) I have been exploring making my own cold brew at home! This was a delicious blend! Will buy more!

    — Jennifer H.

  6. Delicious Cold brew! I have been trying to be more aware of my coffee spending (cold brews at most coffee shops are $5-7) I have been exploring making my own cold brew at home! This was a delicious blend! Will buy more!

    — Jennifer H.

  7. I gave this a try for my daily cold brew and I have loved it! Creates a nice smooth coffee that blends well with anything else you like to add. I’m bag for another 5 pounds!

    — Christina W.

  8. This cold brew is the best! I order the biggest bag and whip up a batch every week. It’s so tasty and I love knowing that I’m saving money each week by making my cold brew at home!

    — Heather S.

  9. Yeti is the best cold brew out there. Besides the amazing name and logo, the taste can’t be beat.

    — Richard S.

  10. I love my Yeti every morning. I brew a gallon to store in my fridge and it’s easy to enjoy every morning.

    — Lauren B.

  11. This makes the best cold brew around! Add a little homemade foam on the top and some ice and you are good to go!

    — Trina G.

  12. Yeti Cold Brew is the best cold brew coffee in the mountains! Even Sasquatch thinks so!

    — Erik M.

  13. I did not care for this blend as a cold brew, I prefer the Guatemala blend.

    — Paul C.

  14. This is my favorite coffee for cold brew bar none! I worked as a barista for 14 years. I’ve drank a lot of coffee and this is always the one I go back to.

    — Nina V.

  15. It’s the perfect blend for iced coffee but it also tastes great hot! The flavor experience is true to its name – smooth and creamy. It pairs well vanilla and caramel based creamers but certainly holds its own. I like freezing any leftover yeti coffee into ice cubes to enjoy an even stronger cold brew the next day.

    — Crystal K.

  16. Perfect for cold brew, but also tastes good in a pinch for hot coffee!

    — Dylan F.

  17. This coffee converted me to a cold brew enthusiast. Incredibly smooth and delicious.

    — Rhonda M.

  18. Yeti Cold Brew has a complex flavor, great hot as well as cold!

    — Kristine S.

  19. This makes an AMAZING batch of cold brew coffee. Smooth and delicious summer drinking!

    — Kyle M.

  20. This is my favorite home cold brew! I make it with my coffeemaker, which has a cold brew cycle over ice. Smooth and delicious!

    — Shauna W.

  21. This has quickly become a part of my subscription – especially for warm weather months. Absolutely the best blend for cold brew. Makes a delicious, versatile concentrate to drink on its own or with a multitude of additions. So good!

    — James B.

  22. The Yeti cold brew coarse ground works perfectly with my cold brew filter. Big fan!

    — Rhonda M.

  23. Yeti is great as a hot coffee as well. Very smooth and easy. It also makes a great pour over iced. Either temperature, it satisfies.

    — Miriam G.

  24. Perfect for hot summer weather!

    — Christina K.

  25. Used Yeti to make the brûlée recipe on the Peace Coffee blog. So good!

    — Emily S.

  26. I love making this cold brew with my TODDY. It’s great for a pick-me-up right out of the cooler when road tripping.

    — Megan T.

  27. LOVE this cold brew blend! I drink it all year long. It is so refreshing and smooth. Great especially in the summer months!

    — Alysse T.

  28. By far – the best cold brew coffee on the market! Love me some Yeti!


  29. Best cold brew ever, smooth and flavorful! So easy to do with the Toddy cold brew maker.

    — Anne G.

  30. Makes the best, most smooth cup of cold brew I’ve ever had. Made in our toddy cold brew maker.

    — Anne S.

  31. Our go to beans for cold press!
    We make 1 gallon a week during the summer!

    — Joel R.

  32. The hot summer has turned me into a cold brew baby and these are by the far the best beans I’ve found for my cold brew. Flavor is smooth and I order in bulk now!

    — Jillian H.

  33. I love the Yeti blend. I have a subscription, and cold brew it mason jars every day. Works so well!

    — Karen S.


    — Clay C.

  35. First time trying this coffee and I loved it. Will be buying more!

    — Andrew Y.

  36. All time favorite coffee!!

    — Elizabeth T.

  37. We love the Yeti Cold brew. We buy whole beans, grind it when we want to make cold brew. Always have to restock in the summer!

    — MARIAH B.

  38. First tried this for my cold brew a year ago. It’s a winner! Always turns out perfectly whether you use the Toddy Cold Brew Maker or a very large mason jar and cheese cloth. Have to restock for summer.

    — Elizabeth S.

  39. Love this smooth blend! I like it plain or add a touch of chocolate! Its great hot or cold!

    — Tina Marie V.

  40. My wife loves Yeti. She makes cold brew with it and drinks it pretty much every day. Shipped right to our door! We love Peace Coffee!

    — Zachary M.

  41. I bought the best iced coffee ever at the former Peace Coffee store and have been drinking Yeti both cold and hot ever since.

    — Kathleen M.

  42. I LOVE my Yeti Cold Brew–it makes the best & most flavorful cold brew. I use it to make my own cold brew all summer long & like it better than cold brew I’ve tried from any coffee shops. I get it coarse ground & then brew in a mason jar cold brew maker.

    — Erin G.

  43. Delightfully complex, makes great concentrate. This is a summer staple for my family!

    — Sam D.

  44. Another favorite of mine! I know this is a cold brew blend, but I enjoy drinking it hot with a little cream! So smooth and uplifting!

    — Jeanne U.

  45. Hot or cold, this is my favorite Peace Coffee!

    — Julianne W.

  46. Best cold press coffee bean around! Perfectly ground by Peace Coffee so it’s coarse for perfect cold press.

    — Sara W.

  47. Excellent cold brew.

    — Renee K.

  48. I’ve recently been enjoying hot coffee but I’m a sucker for a cold brew and this flavor is legit top notch. So glad I gave this batch a shot. You won’t be disappointed!

    — Andrew S.

  49. We LOVE this cold brew blend. It’s so smooth and tasty!! Better than the local coffee shops, by far. Perfect blend!!! We’re lifers with the Yeti cold brew!!!!

    — Tiffany K.

  50. My favorite coffee ever so smooth.

    — Lara O.

  51. Honestly, if I could have a tap in my kitchen that always had a liquid available to me 24/7 it would be fresh yeti cold brew concentrate. 11/10 flavor, complexity, and consistency.
    I use the Toddy brew method to make my cold brew batches and it fuels me and my coworkers all summer long when we’re farming in the hot sun. Exquisite with fresh local milk and maple syrup, but
    divine all by itself-cut with a little cool water and ice.

    — Magdalen N.

  52. Love making cold brew in my Toddy in the warm months – incredibly smooth and flavorful!

    — Andrew S.

  53. This is the go-to cold brew bean/roast in our house during the summer months!

    — Ty W.

  54. So smooth and great for a nice summer cold brew!

    — Kyle S.

  55. My first try at making cold brew was a success thanks to this delicious blend! Also, who doesn’t like a lil yeti?!

    — April M.

  56. The Yeti is our fav!!

    — Patty K.

  57. The Yeti Blend is my absolute favorite for making cold brew! It’s AMAZING and has great flavor! Highly recommend!

    — Carli B.

  58. In my top 5 favorite coffees of all time. I never use any method for brewing other than cold brew, so finding beans specifically for that purpose was like a dream come true. This blend is smooth, a bit sweet, and just all-around delicious. I drank an entire pitcher this morning to myself. Literally can’t get enough.

    — Tyler W.

  59. LOVE THE YETI BLEND! Literally the best cold press I’ve ever had!

    — Nathan L.

  60. I used the 5lb bag for my cold brew all summer

    — Wesley S.

  61. I love to wake up to the smell of the yeti cold brew, fixes my wrong side of the mornings.

    — Ontaya K.

  62. Best cold brew out there, period. Yeti has carmel notes but never sweet, always coffee-forward. Perfect anytime of day.

    — Angela F.

  63. Want to impress your friends and bewilder your enemies? Give them a glass of Yeti Cold Brew and watch the magic unfold! Smooth, delicious, luxurious – there is truly NOTHING BETTER than some Yeti to kick off the morning!

    — Nicholas O.

  64. Smooth and rich coffee every time. It makes such a big difference to brew cold brew coffee with this blend designed specifically for that purpose.

    — Megan C.

  65. I have made cold brew with a number of different bean varieties but I keep coming back to this one. It’s perfect, no notes 🤍!

    — Sarah K.

  66. This makes the PERFECT cold brew and it is my wife’s favorite. Highly recommend!

    — Brian S.

  67. As a not-too-serious coffee person, I was skeptical that I would notice a difference in my cold brew with this blend, but I was very wrong! It made a huge difference and was delicious!

    — Julie A.

  68. Great for summer mornings outside.

    — David K.

  69. Best cold brew ….ever. Smooth and delicious, never been disappointed.

    — Stacie W.

  70. The perfect blend for iced coffee. You will not be disappointed.

    — Luke F.

  71. My absolute favorite iced coffee! Smooth flavor and Delicious! 😸

    — Stephanie R.

  72. The best cold brew coffee. Smooth. No bitterness. Great flavor.

    — Eric H.

  73. This is my “go to” coffee. I enjoy cold brew coffee for the lower acidity and ease of making a cup any time. This brew is always reliable, tasty and yummy.

    — Sue O.

  74. Most amazing cold brew coffee- absolutely fantastic! Super smooth.

    — Brian W.

  75. Thanks for creating Yeti; it makes the best iced coffee ever and the only coffee I make each summer!

    — Karen H.

  76. The one especially for making your own cold brew coffee is delicious!!!! It’s very smooth and not bitter at all!!! I use the Toddy cold brew device and let it sit for 24 hours and it’s perfection!

    — Nancey

  77. Delicious coffee! Yeti Cold Brew is my favorite. Try it hot or cold. But I like it better when it’s cold.

    — Jenna T.

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  • Founded: 1997
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