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Black Squirrel Espresso Blend

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Black Squirrel is an organic twist on classic coffeehouse espresso. Lying somewhere between a romantic Italian coffee bar and a new world cafe, this blend of organic espresso beans is punchy and sweet, yet smooth and refined. Made with home espresso aficionados in mind, it also makes a fantastic brewed cup!

Roast: Medium

Acidity: Smooth

Body: Round

Tasting Notes: Baker’s Cocoa, Brown Sugar, Macadamia

Aroma: Dried Cherry, Fig, Dark Chocolate

  • Always Organic & Fair Trade
  • Shade Grown, Fresh Roasted
  • B Corp Certified
  • Low Acid Coffee

For a fine shot of espresso to start your day, we recommend using a scale. Weigh out 18 grams of organic espresso beans, grind for espresso then dose in a double-shot portafilter, tamp, and brew with 200° water for 22-27 seconds aiming for a target weight of 40 grams. Read more on our Espresso guide!

Fresh coffee means your order will take up to three business days to ship from our roastery. If you place an order on the weekend, it will not be processed until Monday. Don’t fret, you’ll get an email update when your box of happiness is on the way!

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Organic coffee - USDA Organic certification seal Shade grown coffee Fair trade coffee Fresh roasted coffee Certified Benefit-Corporation seal

74 Reviews for Black Squirrel Espresso Blend

  1. This is one of my favorite blends. I use it to make a delicious Americano most mornings. For taste profile, I’d say it’s more on the earthy side vs. the bright side but that suits my tastes, especially when it’s cold outside. I prefer brighter coffees for cold brews.

    — Mark B.

  2. I have tried almost all the coffees this one is great as expresso and French press. Smooth and is very
    Full bodied and Carmel like the notes say

    — Michelle A.

  3. I have tried almost all the coffees this one is great as expresso and French press. Smooth and is very
    Full bodied and Carmel like the notes say

    — Michelle A.

  4. I bought the Black Squirrel Espresso along with 2 other flavors and this one was my favorite. I have not found one that I had liked better then the Starbucks Espresso but this one is just as good without all the acidity. I will be getting more of this blend.

    — Marlene K.

  5. My favorite Peace Coffee offering– great as espresso and brewed as a black coffee. Deep rich flavor

    — Lee L.

  6. This is phenomenal for espresso! Rich, smooth and not bitter. We have it every morning!

    — Sara W.

  7. This is phenomenal for espresso! Rich, smooth and not bitter. We have it every morning!

    — Sara W.

  8. This is my favorite coffee! It’s flavorful and rich, but not bitter. I mix it with decaf French Roast because I drink too much every day to have full caffeine!

    — Rita A.

  9. This is my favorite coffee! It’s flavorful and rich, but not bitter. I mix it with decaf French Roast because I drink too much every day to have full caffeine!

    — Rita A.

  10. This is my absolute favorite!

    — Valerie L.

  11. After trying Black Squirrel while visiting our family in Minnesota, we now subscribe to every two weeks.

    — Tammy B.

  12. Simply the Best

    — Joe F.

  13. I have been enjoying Peace Coffee for 20 years but am new to Black Squirrel. This espresso is so good it has ruined going to coffee shops for me—nothing compares. This is now my go to and I buy it in 5 lb bags. I love buying this coffee—the quality is second to none, and I am proud of this company and what it stands for. Thank you, Peace. ☮️

    — Lisa K.

  14. Velvety smooth and rich!

    — annalucille

  15. Black Squirrel is giving my favorite (Blue Ox) a run for its money! It is so good and I can’t wait to use it this summer with my Aeropress to make iced almondmilk lattes.

    — Matthew G.

  16. Wonderful beans! Rich and nutty. We get 5lb bag every 3 months and just LOVE the ease and predictable quality!

    — Heather C.

  17. So good I’ve made it my daily coffee and set up subscription delivery for it. Primarily brew pour overs but excellent in the bialetti moka pot or aeropress when I’m not rushed out the door.

    — John O.

  18. One of the best espresso blends I’ve had.

    — Jacob H.

  19. This famous blend gives me more energy than a rabid squirrel in the morning! Absolutely love it!

    — Erik M.

  20. Excellent coffee and taste is great using my Breville Barista Express!

    — Michael C.

  21. Wonderful blend for my espresso machine! I’ve been an avid Peace Coffee subscriber for a while, and the quality, consistency, freshness and reliability is second to none. My choice bean in 2023 was the Black Squirrel espresso, but I’m going to mix it up a bit in 2024. I would recommend Peace Coffee to any coffee lover.

    — Guy L.

  22. Bold, strong flavor. I like it hot and as a cold brew.

    — Paul C.

  23. Black squirrel is one of the coffees I always have in my cupboard. It makes a sweet dark Americana that tastes great every time! I use my aeropress to brew this coffee.

    — Darci M.

  24. This is my favorite blend! I love the deep espresso flavor and how smooth it tastes.

    — Ana S.

  25. So good!

    — Tracey S.

  26. I absolutely love this espresso! So smooth and chocolatey!

    — Wendy W.

  27. I love this blend. I have been using it for years now and I am so happy because I can keep it local while drinking the espresso I love!

    — Julie R.

  28. We tried some of this in the steeped coffee bags and they were fabulous. So we ordered a 5 pound bag to enjoy!!

    — Tracy & Wayne D.

  29. A solid espresso blend. Good cream. Good balance.

    — Richard A.

  30. I LOVE this coffee! It has the rich taste I like without any bitterness. Sometimes I’ve run out and I’m never quite satisfied with anything else.

    — Penelope T.

  31. Never expected to like an espresso blend as much as I like this one, it’s super smooth, and for me the cocoa and fig notes really come through. Always love what I get from Peace Coffee.

    — Ashley F.

  32. Hands down my favorite espresso!

    — Shrey P.

  33. Love this blend. It’s smooth, not overly roasted and no bitterness.

    — Vincent P.

  34. Black Squirrel Espresso Blend has a bright flavor and a pleasurable aroma and taste.

    — Linda R.

  35. This is my absolute favorite of all the great Peace offerings. Full-bodied genuine espresso. Peace keeps being worth the price!

    — Lauren T.

  36. I love this delicious espresso blend! Can’t get enough of Peace Coffee’s java!

    — Kyle M.

  37. These bags are perfect for traveling or camping. I love a dark, strong coffee and that is hard to come by when you’re not at home. I also love that it’s all compostable!

    — Megan W.


    — Clay C.

  39. Black squirrel espresso (extra fine grind) is my daily go-to. It’s smooth and rich, never bitter. Great in an aero press!

    — Christine O.

  40. Perfect, rich darker roast. Plus the adorable packaging is an extra day-brightener. 🙂

    — Collette B.

  41. I’m not huge on espresso but sometimes I just need that extra kick in the morning and with some oat milk and honey, Black Squirrel does a fine job.

    — Andrew S.

  42. The best espresso I’ve ever tasted! I make it at home everyday!

    — Christina K.

  43. Literally my favorite coffee ever, very smooth and balanced. I use this with a Breville espresso machine every morning to make a latte better than any coffee house!!

    — Erin G.

  44. Love this espresso roast. A medium roast is just the way to go for the Moka pot. I love this one. It gives a nice full body, with hints of chocolate and sweetness, just the way any espresso should taste. Peace Coffee has some great varieties and this is one of them.

    — Miriam G.

  45. Start my day everyday with a Black Squirrel Americano.

    — David M.

  46. Black Squirrel is one of my top 2 go-tos for my Americanos every morning! I literally watch the squirrels outside my window while sipping on my Black Squirrel Americano. I include Black Squirrel in nearly every order.

    — Suzanne K.

  47. Got as a gift…My son loves Black squirrel ❤️

    — Brenda B.

  48. Super fresh coffee! Great alternative to the usual dark and bitter espresso roasts.

    — Hayden D.

  49. I’ve tried a dozen and this is where I’ve landed. Great experience drinking!

    — Daniel H.

  50. Just got an espresso machine. This has been my favorite so far. The freshness when ordering from the website is so much better than buying in a store. My roast date was 10 days prior to receiving it. Started a subscription it’s that good!

    — Christopher W.

  51. I am a dark roast gal. My partner is a medium roast gal. I can’t believe how black squirrel is the best of both world, and the cleanest coffee I’ve ever tasted! So excited women are involved. (and my nickname is Squirrel) placing another order today…

    — Allison R.

  52. One of my favorite espresso beans! Bold but not bitter. With my Breville, Black Squirrel espressos have an inch of crema or more!

    — Craig C.

  53. We adore this coffee and have it as our “house” espresso blend. Works well in americanos and lattes!

    — Adam M.

  54. We love this coffee. It is our favorite of all the flavors. It is rich and tasty and not acidic. We don’t use an espresso machine, we just brew it like regular coffee. Yum!

    — Neysa F.

  55. Great for basic shot of espresso or as coffee.

    — Graham N.

  56. We consistently buy Black Squirrel Blend for our home espresso machine, and love it! We’ve never found an espresso bean we like more, and we’ve been drinking this for years. We’re always disappointed when we use something else.

    — Mike H.

  57. Satisfyingly caramelly and low-tartness stuff, when what you really want is your espresso to be espresso!

    — Charles B.

  58. We love this coffee in the fall and winter time in our Moka pot!

    — Molly S.

  59. Lovely coffee! Nothing compares to Peace coffee!

    — Melissa E.

  60. My wife and I drink 6 pounds of this a month :)!

    — Nicholas R.

  61. This espresso blend is the freshest off-the-shelf whole bean blend! We can’t go back to any other varieties.

    — Heather Anne W.

  62. I absolutely love this coffee! A local coffee shop sells it and now I buy it for my home espresso maker. It’s smooth, produces a nice crema, and isn’t bitter or acidic.

    — Casey K.

  63. Lovely espresso! Doesn’t taste bitter and great for lattes!

    — Kristin M.

  64. Absolutely love it. Makes an awesome espresso in my Profitec 500. Great for milk-based drinks too. My go-to subscription!

    — Nick L.

  65. Our favorite espresso beans. Nicely balanced dark flavor without tasting burnt. Fantastic as an espresso, an Americano, or even with some dark chocolate chips and frothed milk.

    — Joanna H.

  66. Smooth, deep, thoughtful. Espresso or drip, Black Squirrel is the only one for me.

    — Sharon P.

  67. My go to espresso! Its delicious!

    — Ann E.

  68. Yummy, smooth – a great medium roast!

    — Andria F.

  69. If you’re looking for a less caffeinated darker roast for a press late in the afternoon, this coffee is very chocolatey and is one you’ll want to return to!

    — Jerielle H.

  70. We alternate between this and the Birchwood Blend. Black Squirrel is a wonderful, creamy, rich coffee that works wonderfully as a brewed coffee as well as for espresso.

    — Adam S.

  71. Finally decided to get an espresso maker and this blend was the only reason I was successful. It is so good! We love Peace Coffee and are so grateful for all they do in our community. Keep doing what you are doing!

    — Stacie W.

  72. Great for espresso or mixing in with a light roast to create your own blend!

    — David K.

  73. My favorite roast! I have it every morning. I used to alternate this roast with the birchwood one and always found myself liking this one juuust a bit more! It’s incredibly smooth, very balanced and whenever I drink other coffee this is the high standard it has to live up to! I subscribe to the big ol’ bag and I don’t see myself ever looking back! Thanks Peace Coffee- you also have the most incredible and friendly customer service, love y’all!

    — Michelle S.

  74. Dark and creamy, very good!

    — Elizabeth T.

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Fair Trade Coffee Origins

CENFROCAFE – Central Fronteriza del Norte de Cafetaleros

  • Founded: 2000
  • Farmer Members: 2618

COSURCA – Coopertiva Del Sur Del Cauca

  • Founded: 2000
  • Farmer Members: 1485
  • Elevation: 1500-1950 meters

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