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Party Animal Limited Edition – Online Exclusive

Festive & Fabulous


Fruity & Bright


Toasty & Balanced
bag of organic espresso beans

Black Squirrel Espresso

Swift & Caramelly
bag of the best medium roast coffee

Blue Ox

Hearty & Reliable
12 oz bag of organic Colombian coffee beans


Luscious & Leisurely
bag of organic dark roast decaf coffee

Decaf French Roast

Bold & Satisfying
a bag of light roast decaf coffee

Decaf Morning Glory

Mild & Comforting
bag of light roast organic coffee from Ethiopia


Vibrant & Citrusy
bag of organic french roast coffee

French Roast

Robust & Smoky
guatemala dark roast organic coffee bag


Rich & Chocolaty
bag of fair trade light roast coffee

Morning Glory

Lush & Uplifting
bag of organic peruvian coffee


Sweet & Smooth
bag of fair trade dark roast coffee

Twin Cities

Smooth & Inviting

Tree Hugger

Nutty & Adventurous
bag of cold brew coffee beans

Yeti Cold Brew

Smooth & Creamy

Seasonal Coffee Subscription

Always in Season

Dark Horse Coffee Bundle


Farmer Partner Coffee Bundle


Happy Medium Coffee Bundle


Online Gift Card

12 oz MiiR Camp Mug


Red Zip Up Peace Coffee MN Hoody


16 oz Klean Kanteen Tumbler With Straw


Airscape Coffee Canister


Chemex 6 Cup


French Press – 34 oz


Hario V60 Ceramic Cone

Toddy Maker product shot

Toddy Cold Brew Maker

Black and White Encore Grinders

Baratza Encore Conical Burr Grinder


Escali Primo Digital Scale


Mastering Coffee at Home

box of chemex coffee filters

Pre-folded Square Chemex Coffee Filters


Filters for Hario Cone


Replacement Carafe for 34 oz French Press


Replacement Plug for Toddy Maker


Replacement Filters for Toddy Maker

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One reason I keep supporting Peace Coffee is their amazing hearts and care for the community, now – in the past – and moving forward.

— Melissa S.
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We’ve been customers since the beginning, have loved them all, Morning Glory, Birchwood, Twin Cities, Peruvian, and my hubby loves all the dark roasts. We make gifts of them and wouldn’t drink anyone else’s coffee.

— Susan F.

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