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Hario V60 Ceramic Cone

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Ease Into Manual Brewing

An essential piece of your pourover brewing setup, it’s easy to see why this simple brewing device is so popular. Sold in classic white, the elegant contours of the cone’s interior conduct water through the bed of grounds towards their goal: a delicious cup that contains the perfectly-extracted essence of the beans. Check out our Hario V60 Brew Guide below!

  • Manufactured by Hario in Japan, this ceramic dripper makes 1-4 cups
  • Please note: The unique shape of the cone requires Hario #2 filters, not included (buy them here)

Fresh coffee means your order will take up to three business days to ship from our roastery. If you place an order on the weekend, it will not be processed until Monday. Don’t fret, you’ll get an email update when your box of happiness is on the way!

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1 Review for Hario V60 Ceramic Cone

  1. This could be a hundred billion dollars and still be worth every penny. But it does beg the philosophical question, what came first the v60 paper filter or the v60 ceramic cone brewer? What’s the more important piece of this coffee puzzle? maybe they can’t exist without the other, like Sonny and Cher…. ope, too soon? Buy it now, buy one for your friend, or someone online you think is your friend that you’ve never met, but they’re really cute and funny in your head.

    — Maya L.

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Hario V60 Brew Guide Video

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