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Tree Hugger Signature Blend

(40 customer reviews)

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Trees have a special place in a coffee lover’s heart. Coffee thrives under a canopy of shade trees that help regenerate the soil, feed families, and make our planet a better place. Tree Hugger is an organic dark roast coffee blend that honors our commitment from day one to organic, bike-delivered coffee, and it’s begging for an adventure with you.

Roast: Dark

Acidity: Soft

Body: Smooth

Aroma: Toasted Walnut, Vanilla, Caramelized Sugar

Tasting Notes: Molasses, Smoky, Chocolate Brownie

  • Always Organic & Fair Trade
  • Shade Grown, Fresh Roasted
  • B Corp Certified
  • Low Acid Coffee

Begin your morning camp side, brewing up a French Press of this smooth and smoky organic dark roast coffee. Of course, any brew method you choose is perfect. Need some tips? Our brewing guides are here to help.

Fresh coffee means your order will take up to three business days to ship from our roastery. If you place an order on the weekend, it will not be processed until Monday. Don’t fret, you’ll get an email update when your box of happiness is on the way!

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40 Reviews for Tree Hugger Signature Blend

  1. Looooove this coffee!!

    — Rachel H.

  2. This is the perfect dark roast! Deep and delicious! My favorite for sipping everyday. Buy it! You will love it!

    — Delaina H.

  3. Wonderful for any season and perfect for any time of the day. This is definitely my favorite!

    — Leah D.

  4. My favorite year round!

    — Christina K.

  5. Delicious! And I l0ve that it comes in 5lb bags so I can be sure that I never run out!

    — Shannon C.

  6. Fantastic!

    — Amanda B.

  7. Tree Hugger is my favorite Peace Coffee. It’s a dark coffee but very smooth. So tasty! Plus I love the name!

    — Mary S.

  8. So delicious! My favorite coffee

    — Riley O.

  9. This is my favorite coffee and I’ve definitely stopped being able to purchase anything from the grocery store because of it. Perfect for my morning cup!

    — Riley O.

  10. This was our go-to coffee for years and then we thought, maybe we should branch out a little bit. SO, we have a new favorite. Well, actually two favorites. The Tree Hugger is amazing as well as the French Roast. We moved to Wisconsin two years ago and continue to get our monthly coffee fix through our subscription. Peace Coffee is the best!!

    — Bob Z.

  11. Tree Hugger is my get things up and running first thing in the morning coffee. It’s dark and smoky and just perfect. I will switch to a lighter blend later in the day, but Tree Hugger is the spark.

    — Bill F.

  12. This is the only coffee that we drink in our house.
    The dark, rich flavor is amazing, and we have to have an extra 5 lb bag on hand so we never run out!

    — Christi S.

  13. Tree Hugger is so delicious! I buy five pound bags for my friends and family and they totally love the deep and complex flavors!!!

    — Susan M.

  14. Okay, okay, you got me; I was sold over the bear hugging the tree. But as far as dark roasts go, this is a solid, delicious pick. 🐻 No complaints here.

    — Andrew S.

  15. I absolutely love this coffee! I am a big fan of dark roasts and this one does not disappoint. It gives the richness of a dark roast that I love while maintaining complexity in flavor. An excellent choice for dark roast lovers!

    — Kyle M.

  16. “Nutty and adventurous!” I have something in common with my favorite brew! I haven’t tried all flavors from Peace Coffee, but we keep coming back to Tree Hugger. Always fresh and tasty!

    — Keaton M.

  17. I love everything about Tree Hugger! Bold, yet smooth and cutest label ever. Highly recommend!

    — Lisa S.

  18. I was drawn to this blend by the name and the bear, I won’t lie, but it is one of my favorites! I think I’ll keep coming back to this one. 10/10 would recommend.

    — Allison P.

  19. Aside from the adorable lil bear hugging a tree being the embodiment of my soul, this is my all-time fave coffee from Peace. No matter how many other blends I try I keep coming back to this one because it is always a delicious cup!

    — Lauryn W.

  20. We love this blend! Super smooth! Great flavors and not a bit acidic. We look forward to it every morning!

    — Meg Y.

  21. The first blend I ever tried from Peace and still one of my favorites! Not going to lie, they got me with the adorable label but I’m not complaining!!

    — April M.

  22. One of my favorite coffees I have tried! I usually like medium roasts, but this dark roast is a little more subtle and never tastes burnt. I’ve been buying it for over a year now. Thanks for the great brew!

    — Trent P.

  23. I discovered Peace coffee in 2001. It was the first GOOD coffee I’d ever had since my family drank store bought junk. I fell in love. I moved and sort of forgot about this brand. I was so happy to find that they are still alive and with so many amazing varieties. Tree Hugger is wonderfully dark but smooth. We order 5lbs at a time. Love, Love, love!

    — Stephanie P.

  24. High quality coffee! For a dark roast it still feels mellow and enjoyable to sip on.

    — Anusha J.

  25. Tree Hugger is my all-time favorite from Peace Coffee. I am a grad student studying reforestation, and Peace Coffee is the only (TASTY) coffee company I can ethically support!

    — Gabe N.

  26. This is one of my favorite blends. I ironically work for a tree company, so I hug and care for trees daily!

    — Heidi D.

  27. Amazing smell upon opening, and an even better taste when poured into a cup. Great with non-dairy creamers!

    — Kristin M.

  28. A great dark roast I’ve used for both hot coffee and cold brew. Incredibly smooth!

    — Amy S.

  29. This is a favorite in our house. It’s nutty flavor and aroma makes for a great cup (or two) of coffee.

    — Brian S.

  30. Absolute favorite. Smooth, not acidic, wakes you up but doesn’t jolt you awake and give you the shakes!

    — Jessica E.

  31. I was so happy to find this coffee! It’s a great tasting dark roast blend! Everything from the package design to the taste of the coffee in my mug is outstanding! I’m definitely ordering more!

    — Jan L.

  32. A beautiful dark roast blend! one of my favorites 🙂 and the packaging design always makes me smile!

    — lemongrassprout

  33. This was the coffee blend that got me hooked on Peace Coffee. Very flavorful and smooth!

    — David K.

  34. This is my go-to standby…love it! I am a fan of dark roasts and Tree Hugger does not disappoint.

    — Thomas B.

  35. This is my favorite Peace coffee! It is smooth and has lots of flavor!

    — Mary S.

  36. Top coffee. Get it while you still can!

    — Orion F.

  37. Tree Hugger is our daily grind! We like to try different blends and roasts but always come back to this.

    — Jeremy B.

  38. Just had a delicious cup of tree hugger this morning!

    — Melissa B.

  39. Tree Hugger is so delicious!

    — Karen M.

  40. Two words…TREE HUGGER! Literally my favorite coffee in the world. Thank you for my morning joy!

    — Fay J.

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Fair Trade Coffee Origins

PROCOCER – Cooperativa Multisectorial de Productores de Café Orgánico Certificado Las Segovias RL

  • Founded: 1998
  • Farmer Members: 662
  • Elevation: 850-1,270 meters

Manos Campesinas – Asociación de Pequeños Productores de Café Manos Campesinas

  • Founded: 1997
  • Farmer Members: 1340
  • Elevation: 1,200 - 1,800 meters

COMSA – Café Orgánico Marcala S.A. de C.V.

  • Founded: 2001
  • Farmer Members: 1157
  • Elevation: 1,200 to 1,800 meters

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