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Pollinator Seasonal Blend

(25 customer reviews)
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Bees pollinate coffee plants, so it’s only appropriate we highlight their vital work as the name of our Pollinator Seasonal Blend. This year’s release showcases coffees from the Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union in Ethiopia and our farmer partners from Sol y Café Coop in Peru. The natural processed Ethiopian coffee adds notes of dried mango, blackberry jam, and sangria. The Peruvian beans bring notes of peanut butter and chocolate, a big reason for the smooth and silky mouthfeel to round out this fruity light roast. It’s a buzzworthy combo to help your morning routine blossom.

Roast: Light

Body: Round

Acidity: Snappy

Aroma: Berry Jam, Honeysuckle, Cacao Nib

Tasting Notes: Nectarine, Black Currant, Cane Sugar

  • Always Organic & Fair Trade
  • Shade Grown, Fresh Roasted
  • B Corp Certified

We love to capture all of the flavors these bountiful beans offer by using a French Press. Of course, any brew method you choose will deliver a delicious brew. Need some tips? Our brewing guides are here to help.

Fresh coffee means your order will take up to three business days to ship from our roastery. If you place an order on the weekend, it will not be processed until Monday. Don’t fret, you’ll get an email update when your box of happiness is on the way!

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25 Reviews for Pollinator Seasonal Blend

  1. I love the Pollinator Seasonal Blend. It is a perfectly unique, and special blend, that is smooth and sweet to the last drop. You never want to drink it fast, it is meant to be savored, like a fine wine.

    — Katy W.

  2. Light roast, but has a real kick that’s welcome first thing in the morning! Smooth and easy to drink. Get it before it’s gone!

    — Ted H.

  3. Light and fruity, perfect for warmer weather!

    — Niki F.

  4. Love this blend, really great with our chemex and we also make cold brew with this as well. The 5lb bag is so convenient, we love it!

    — Alison S.

  5. A very unique roast- light, fruity, and a natural sweetness!

    — Joanna P.

  6. The Pollinator is one of my favorites! I look forward to it every year. Definitely a different taste than other coffees, very unique.

    — Nick G.

  7. I’m usually a dark roast person, but I branched out and bought this blend. So glad I did! It’s so complex and I really enjoy the fruity notes. My dad loves it as well!

    — Kimberly S.

  8. This is our favorite seasonal blend of the year. We adore the blueberry notes!

    — Nicholas O.

  9. This coffee is absolutely dreamy! It pairs so incredibly well with my strawberry pie. Highly recommended!

    — Andrew S.

  10. I am not usually one to enjoy a light roast coffee, but bought this for guests and enjoyed it!

    — Jenna J.

  11. I look forward to summer when the Pollinator coffee is available. It’s flowery and buzzy and well named.

    — Linnea H.

  12. Wow!! This coffee has a wonderful natural sweetness. The notes of berry are deliciously strong with caramel-cocoa undertones. Can’t wait to make this into some cold brew!!

    — Stephanie P.

  13. Wanna know a secret? This blend makes an unforgettable cold brew. Pairs well with macerated fruit and cream, or local honey and oat milk.

    — Magdalen N.

  14. A light & vibrant cup of coffee ☕️ And good prices.

    — Brenda B.

  15. This is our seasonal favorite! I even drink it out of the yellow pollinator peace coffee mug. It’s nice and bright without being bitter. It’s weighty but bright with an amazing aroma. It’s the perfect brew to have hot in the morning when sitting out on the porch listening to the birds.

    — Joanna H.

  16. This roast is our favorite—my husband and I would love to buy it all year! Complex yet smooth with floral and fruit notes. It’s become the standard to which we compare other roasts.

    — Katrina H.

  17. Pollinator is great! It has a nice zing of caffeine, but still wonderfully smooth. Very good in my french press and the smell of them being ground is irresistible!

    — Jerielle H.

  18. This seasonal roast is my absolute favorite! It is such a nice mix of fruity/floral notes, yet not too pungent. I could drink this all day. I just wish it was available all year long!

    — Nick D.

  19. A bright and floral light roast I look forward to each year!

    — Ani L.

  20. Light roast, but still carries a ton of great flavor!

    — David K.

  21. One of my favorites! So smooth and sweet tasting. Delicious hot and cold!

    — Renee L.

  22. First time trying this year and it did not disappoint. I usually buy medium roasts but enjoyed the light and fruity flavors of this roast.

    — Matthew C.

  23. This is THE blend. We look forward to this every year. It is our favorite roast from our favorite coffee company. Cheers!

    — Steven S.

  24. This is my favorite coffee in the world!!! Soooo delicious! It is the lightest roast I have ever experienced, yum!

    — Kristi K.

  25. Amazing, light, bright and tasty. Easy to drink!

    — Elizabeth T.

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Fair Trade Coffee Origins

SCFCU – Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union

  • Founded: 2001
  • Farmer Members: 76,000
  • Elevation: 1,750 to 1,950 meters

Sol Y Cafe – Cooperativa de Servicios Múltiples Sol y Café Ltda.

  • Founded: 2005
  • Farmer Members: 1099
  • Elevation: 900 - 2,100 meters

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