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A few years ago some folks from New Belgium Brewery stopped by our roastery for a tour. They were in town for the release of their beer in the state of Minnesota. Up until then New Belgium Beer fans had to cross two state lines to Illinois to get their Fat Tire fix. Since they hit the Minnesota beer market, fans have been asking them when the infamous Tour De Fat would roll into our town. Finally after almost three years of anticipation the Tour De Fat arrived!

On Saturday July 18, hundreds of bicyclists wearing prom dresses, boas, Viking hats & other crazy costumes ascended on Parade Athletic Fields for a full day of bike related festivities. “This day is really about talking to people about getting out of their cars and on their bikes,” says the event’s director, Meredith Giske, dressed in a tire hoop skirt, wig and big sunglasses. Each year the Tour de Fat travels to 11 cities throughout the U.S. It is free to participants, and all beer and merchandise proceeds go to local non-profits. On the Minneapolis stop the benefiting organizations were the Midtown Greenway Coalition, MORC (Minnesota Off Road Cycling) and the Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota. Despite the chilly weather and grey skies above, people still showed up for this philanthropic cycling circus, raising a total of 12,000 dollars for these great bicycle organizations.

The most inspirational part of day was when the car swapper took the stage. In each city to which the Tour De Fat travels, they look for someone to trade their car in for a bike. In the Twin Cities, Krista Pearson, Art in the Park Associate for the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, committed to go car-free for a year. Her car was donated to charity and in return she received a Black Sheep hand-built bicycle equipped with water proof front panniers. Krista has only ridden a bike once to work in eight years. She is unsure of how she will fare making such a big change in her life. But she said she is up for the challenge because “the bike community is so inspiring and supportive here” and she is ready “to walk, or, in this case, bike the talk.” If you see Krista out on her new bike, be sure to give ring your bike bell and high five her for being Minneapolis’s first Tour De Fat car swapper!

For those of you who couldn’t make it to the inaugural Tour De Fat please come next year! You have plenty of time to work on your costume! You'll find photos from the tour here.

In the meantime here’s a list of upcoming fun bike events we hope to see you at:

August 29-30 - 3rd Annual Peace Coffee Grind
The National Sports Center Velodrome will host the 3rd Annual Peace Coffee 2-Day Grind - showcasing team cycling from the Golden Age of Cycling. The Peace Coffee 2-Day Grind combines strength, agility and teamwork in an exciting series of races pitting 2-person teams in sprints, endurance races and the popular Madison - named for its birthplace, Madison Square Garden.

September 13 - St. Paul Bike Classic
Peace Coffee is a proud sponsor of the St. Paul Bike Classic. Join us for the 15th annual Tour!

September 20 - Minneapolis Bike Tour
The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board and Toyota present the Third Annual Minneapolis Bike Tour! The routes include rest stops with refreshments and bike mechanics. Don't forget to stop by our booth and grab a cup of coffee before the bike tour!

September 27 - New Belgium Urban Assault
The Urban Assault Ride is the biggest bike scavenger hunt series in the world! You and a teammate will take to the streets on a city-wide bike adventure. The ride starts and ends at Peace Coffee.

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