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Taking Time to Think

By Amir Adan, Peace Coffee Social Media and Marketing Specialist

My family wasn’t ever the “celebration” type. I’d be lying if I said I never celebrated Thanksgiving as a child, though—I distinctly remember a few years when my mom surprised us with chicken and mashed potatoes from KFC. But besides those rare occasions, the only observances recognized in my house were the month of Ramadan and the two Eid celebrations. My only real connection to Thanksgiving was learning about the history of American colonialism and A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. I never felt like I was really missing out either. I mean, Ramadan is a time when Muslims are asked to reflect on their lot in life, give thanks for what they have, and give to those who have less—that’s close enough, right?

What I’m Reflecting On Now

I have loved celebrating Thanksgiving over the last handful of years with my girlfriend and her family, but I think one thing I appreciate most about the holiday is that it’s another excuse to slow down for a moment. We live in such a hard, fast-paced, sometimes unforgiving world. I’m glad I had a tradition in my culture where we were also asked to pause and reflect, but now that Thanksgiving is a part of my life, I’m glad I have another reason to stop and think.

This year I can’t help but reflect on all of what has happened this last year in my personal life, with Peace Coffee as a business, our local community in Minneapolis, and our global community. At the beginning of this year, I joined Peace Coffee’s marketing team and have been having a blast since then. I’m so thankful to be working at a company made up of so many people who care so much about making a quality product produced by farmers who are paid fairly. Of course, I’m thankful that I have an amazing partner and I’m immensely grateful to her family for treating me like one of their own and always accepting me. 

Let’s Not Forget

I would be incredibly remiss to neglect the fact that many in our backyard and around the world don’t have very fond memories of the last year. From devastating war in the Middle East, to extreme weather events and financial instability all over the world, this year has been filled with chaos. Though we should be learning about these events and thinking about them as they unfold all year round, a day like Thanksgiving is the perfect time to really give space for these events and dedicate real time to reflection on them.

I invite you to reflect on what you have and what you want in life. If you are able, give to those who don’t have what you have. And be kind to your fellow humans. 

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Published by Peace Coffee on November 21, 2023.

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