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In the year 2018

from farmers

The part of the Peace Coffee story that we call 2018 could not exist without first acknowledging the immense, painstaking work of our farmer partners in coffee cooperatives around the globe. The beginning of each sip from your morning mug begins, in actuality, worlds away where coffee trees are tended to by families not unlike yours. Our farmer partners span 11 countries and are part of 20 different cooperative farming groups that grow organic, fair trade coffee as their livelihood. Being in partnership with these farmer groups is integral to our mission to support small-scale growers and to connect them to sustainable markets for their coffee. We purchased over 975,000 lb. of coffee from cooperatives in 2018, and look forward to that number growing to over 1 million pounds of organic, fair trade coffee grown in harmony with the land and sustaining farmers this year.

We keep close to our farmer partners and their resounding guidance that purchasing more organic and fair trade coffee is not only welcome but necessary for their success. We continue to advocate for change by adhering to Cooperative Coffees’, our importing cooperative, commitment to a minimum price of $2.20/lb. And in pursuit of sustainable growth, we paid nearly $500,000 in organic and fair trade premiums to our farmer partners to fund projects like experimental farms, developing organic fertilizers, and increasing on-farm processing capabilities that increase quality and reduce transportation cost. In 2018, we also deepened our commitment to the Climate, Carbon, and Coffee Initiative by contributing $28,870 to help bring improvement projects to life in Ethiopia, Peru, and a producer exchange in Guatemala where farmers from different countries come together to share insights and tactics that will benefit everyone. As the cherries ripen and harvest draws near each season, we’re mindful of how their labor affords us such opportunity to bring people together.

to facility

Our Roasting, Production, and Delivery teams are the heart of our operation in Minneapolis. Their dedication to quality and efficiency keeps our roasting drums and bagging lines ticking with incredible ease. That combined team of fewer than 15 people was able to roast, package, and deliver over 760,000 lb. of delicious coffee spanning the catalog from our perennial-favorite Twin Cities Blend to new-kid-on-the-block Tree Hugger Blend. Our growth has brought many new challenges yet we remain committed to maintaining the ethos of Peace Coffee that strives to fight for small-scale farmers, organic agriculture, fair wages at home and abroad, and the future of our planet in the face of imminent climate change and yes, we still deliver by bicycle daily in the Twin Cities.

by family

We welcomed a new member to our family in 2018 with the opening of our coffee shop at the AT&T Tower in downtown Minneapolis. This bright, airy space is something to behold with wall-to-wall windows facing Minneapolis’ iconic buildings and filling our lobby space with light, we think the coffee is pretty great too! Overall, our four coffee shops in Minneapolis had the amazing privilege of serving over 230,000 customers with passionately brewed cups of coffee and tea in warm spaces. Our baristas brewed countless cups of coffee and espresso with care and craft that we could not be more proud of. Thanks to you, we put nearly 13,000 bags of coffee in your cupboards and fueled you with almost 110,000 cups of brewed coffee. Our coffee shops remain one of the places you can truly experience our mission, strike that, you can taste it!

with friends

All of these accomplishments and numbers are things we look upon with pride, to be sure. But they are not nearly as important as how well we support the ones that support us. On top of becoming a certified B Corporation in 2018, our commitment to our community put us in the humbling position of being named a Best for the World B Corporation in the community category along with 225 other B Corporations around the world. We’re grateful for the opportunity to have supported organizations great and small in 2018 with $46,220 worth of coffee and product donations to help fundraise and amplify their own missions to make this world better. That includes over 3,000 lb. of donated coffee, enough to give almost 120,000 cups, to fuel everything from non-profit galas to PTA meetings.

In the community realm, the highlight of our year came from the amazing outpouring of support from our customers during a cyber weekend campaign to raise money for our Earth-advocate friends at Climate Generation. Through purchases made over that weekend, we donated $2600 to support Climate Generation in their efforts to combat climate change through grassroots education and policy work in Minnesota and around the globe. We also continued to support the amazing work of partners like Renewing the Countryside, Open Arms of Minnesota, Lifeworks, Center for Victims of Torture, Compatible Technology International, Bike Alliance of Minnesota, MOSES, Cookie Cart, and many others.

for a better morning

We fiercely pursue the best for our farmer partners and our community all while serving some amazing cups of coffee along the way. Our plight is simple, but it keeps us urging for better, more effective ways to pour ourselves into something as simple as a morning cup of coffee. If you’ve helped us in any way over the past year, thank you so much and cheers, this mug’s for you.

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Published by Peace Coffee on January 25, 2019.

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