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falling in love with winter biking

It marks a little over a year since I had my first fat bike race. It also marks just over a year that I’ve been a member on the Peace Coffee Racing team. Winter biking has made me fall in love with Minnesota’s four seasons all over again.

Traveling to the bike races has given me the opportunity to explore a variety of parts of our beautiful state. The fat bike gets me deep within the woods exploring new areas that I may not have reached by foot. With fat biking becoming increasingly popular, there are a lot of different options for both racing and joy riding. There are groomed trails all over such as Elm Creek Park Reserve and Theodore Wirth Park. If that’s not your style you can pave your own trail through the woods, lakes or streets.

The 45Nrth Whiteout was my first fat bike race experience in 2018 and is the reason I fell in love with winter biking. There is something unique about riding in the woods with a couple hundred people in the beginning of February in sub-freezing temperatures. It brings a community of outdoor enthusiasts together in a new way to enjoy the outdoors. This year was my first time doing the 45Nrth Fat Bike Birkie, which is one of the world’s largest fat bike races! The Birkie has had a long history for its cross-country skiing and now it is becoming equally as popular for fat biking going from 200 riders in 2013 to over a thousand in this year’s race. The Whiteout and the Birkie will be an annual tradition and something I will look forward to year after year.

Whether you are looking for fitness, competition, or to get outside and meet some outdoor riders, winter biking has it all. Fat biking is just one of the reasons I love our diverse race team at Peace Coffee. It’s a great community of riders from weekend warriors, great athletes, and all around great people.

James Campbell is a proud Dog Dad to a fluffy Pomeranian named Bauer.  Follow him on instagram at: @jcampbell003

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Published by Peace Coffee on March 20, 2019.

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