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Celebrating the Hispanic Community of Lake Street

Peace Coffee, along with countless other businesses, calls Lake Street their home. For decades Lake has been a hub for culture and business to grow and thrive. This Hispanic Heritage Month, we wanted to shine a light on the Hispanic community on Lake and share more about their contributions to the city.

We reached out to the Lake Street Business Council to find out what makes Lake so special and they said, “ for generations, Lake Street has been a welcoming place for people of all cultures and backgrounds. Lake Street’s strength lies in the rich diversity of the many people who live by, work on, and visit it. Together, each person’s unique experiences make Lake Street what it is. Lake Street brings everyone together.

“Lake Street wouldn’t be the same without the Hispanic community.”

According to the Council, a growing number of Hispanic immigrants in the 80s and 90s started making big investments in the community. One of these ventures is a cooperative marketplace called Mercado Central at the corner of Lake and Bloomington which was started in 1997. Businesses that found their start in the market, including La Loma Tamales, Taqueria La Hacienda, and La Perla Tortillas, “remain as anchors of the Hispanic community,” and today they’re joined by, “hundreds more Hispanic-owned businesses and cornerstones of Hispanic culture that are part of Lake Street’s fabric.” When we asked the Lake Street Business Council where a newcomer to Minneapolis should drop by, they said, “ the HAVE to go to Mercado Central and Plaza Mexico! We don’t make the rules!” And we have to agree, rules are rules! I’d personally also add Pineda to the list as well, it’s right by our roastery and it’s my personal favorite lunch spot!

Fave Lake St. Spots

Murals and More: The Culture of Lake Street

When it comes to celebrating Hispanic culture, Lake Street knows how to do it right. There are tons of events that you can join in on all year round, including the upcoming Taco Tour at various locations which is coming up on 10/21, Various Dia de Los Muertos celebrations at the end of October and beginning of November, the Cinco de Mayo Festival in May on Lake Street between 2nd Ave & Portland, Mexican Independence Day Celebrations in Mid-September at Mercado Central, on Lake Street between 2nd Ave & Portland Ave, and more! Keep an eye on and their social media feeds for info on upcoming events!

The art scene on Lake Street is another place where Hispanic culture shines. One remarkable piece is the “Ancestors” mural at La Mexicana Supermercado by Copla Murals, which is a blend of paint and mosaic that you just have to see in person to fully appreciate. You can dive deeper into Lake Street’s public art scene on the business council’s site where they have a mural tour of Lake St., including murals by Hispanic artists.

Take the Mural Tour

We’re honored to be surrounded by such rich culture. Peace Coffee’s roastery has been off Lake for over 20 years, and we don’t plan on leaving any time soon. Minneapolis is such a beautiful, vibrant city, and the Hispanic community is central to that beauty. We hope you remember that it’s crucial to support the Hispanic and Latinx community all year round!

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Published by Peace Coffee on October 13, 2023.

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