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Spring Drinks are Here

Spring Drinks are Here Image

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Spring Break is almost here, which means that it's sunny somewhere. In the spirit of eternal optimism and jaunts to warmer climates, we're offering up our spring drinks, even if the ground hasn't thawed yet.

Found My Thrill

Found my Thrill is our latest take on a Cafe Miel and a tribute to the inimitable Fat's Domino's version of the song “Blueberry Hill.” We've sweetened the classic Cafe Miel with an house-made syrup of blueberries, fresh lavender, and local honey that will never leave you sad and blue.

Mai Pen Rai

Our next drink is inspired by some late winter browsing of travel guides and phrase books with visions of a tropical destination. Mai pen rai translates from the Thai sometimes as “never mind,” a polite response to “thank you,” or “no worries.” It's also our latest concoction of Thai basil, lemongrass, sparkling water and cold press—if you can't take a tropical getaway, you can always get one to go, sit back and relax a moment.
(Pro tip: take your drink to the Como Park Conservatory for a truly tropical experience).

Roman Holiday

Back by popular demand, we've got the Roman Holiday. Inspired by the classic movie, this is the sort of drink Audrey Hepburn, or any other princess on an incognito adventure might enjoy. Espresso muddled with candied lemon zest, shaken with half and half and ice, the results are smooth, sweet, and refreshing.

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