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Set Your Alarm

Voting is one of the great pillars of democracy and one we should all take seriously. It shapes our communities and guides the future of our country’s struggle for progress, strength, and safety.

We each have a huge privilege and responsibility to make our voice heard on matters that affect everything from our neighborhood school to the very health of the natural world around us. Issues like climate change, environmental protections, racial justice, healthcare, and human rights lay before our great country, and we implore you to make a plan for how to vote, study your local and national candidates, and make sure you spread accurate information about what matters to you.

Your Part In History

It’s easy to forget about the long, arduous history of voting in America. What may seem like a modern, fair system still has many imperfections. We found this short history of voting in America to be a good reminder that there’s much to be done to usher in equality for our democracy.

Fight For Your Rights

Know Your Rights

Voting is one of the hallmarks of democracy. Unfortunately, due to years of voter suppression and piles of misinformation, many have been led to believe they either can’t vote or their vote doesn’t make a difference. That’s not the case.

Help Spread the Truth

Build Your Ballot

Through Vote Save America, you can easily enter your address and build a ballot that includes all of your state, county, and local elections. Study up and be prepared!

Make A Plan

The Big Send

A simple way to spread the word about voting in the upcoming election is to join this easy and effective letter-writing campaign.

All you need is:

  • Printer
  • Envelopes
  • Stamps
  • Motivation
Start Writing Today

Know Before You Go

One of the best, unbiased places for voter information, eligibility, and rights knowledge can be found at, a 501(c)3 nonprofit that is here to help educate and empower.

Learn What You Need To Know

Get Involved

The nonprofit, When We All Vote, has a great list of ways to get involved in your local area. Whether it’s volunteering your time or helping friends register to vote, every action is valuable when we use our voices!

Get Involved

Just The Facts, Please

The pool of misinformation about voting rights, eligibility, and ways to legally vote is unfortunately too deep. This article helps you wade through with strategies to separate fact from fiction for voting and for choosing how to use your vote.

How To Find Credible Info

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