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SueLynn Junkert

Human Resources Manager

What’s your favorite fact about coffee?
That it starts out as a fruit – the coffee bean is inside the cherry.

What’s your dream job?
Cake decorator and baker, if I didn’t have to get up so early… My favorite is to make birthday cakes for kids, the joy on their faces makes all the time spent decorating the cake so worth it!

What’s your favorite pairing with coffee?
A warm sweet baked good – a blueberry muffin, coffee cake or donut are my favorite!

If you could have coffee with anyone, living or dead, who’d it be?
My late father. He’d carry the entire conversation and put buckets of cream and sugar in his coffee, but it’d be nice to see him again.

Where are you to be found when not at Peace Coffee?
With my family! My young daughter keeps my husband and I busy, but I also have several nephews/nieces and most of them live fairly close to us.

What’s your favorite fashion faux pas to commit?
Wearing only solid colors, my husband has to remind me to look at patterns. I don’t dislike patterns, but solids are more practical for matching. So if you see me in a pattern, you can thank him for teaching me that not everything in life has to be practical.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
Japan! We host Japanese exchange students twice a year and would love to go visit them all and experience their culture first-hand. Plus, they gave us the Hario brewing device, which I love to use.

If someone made you into a cartoon or comic character, what would that character’s most prominent feature be?
My height. I’d be the short smart one paired with a tall strong fighter – riding around on someone’s shoulder could be fun!?!

What music keeps you going while at work?
Depends on what I’m working on. For example, if I’m working on payroll, I need some good “concentration” music like “Linkin Park”. If I’m reading or creating something new, I like something softer like “Of Monsters and Men”.

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