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Seth Kaltwasser

Assistant Store Manager

What’s your favorite fact about coffee?
It simultaneously comforts, caffeinates, and contents.

What’s your dream job?
I don’t know how to make all of my dreams fit into one dream job. I want to read and write and study and teach and perform and make art with friends and travel. Any job will do, I suppose, so long as it allows room for all of the above, either when I’m on or off the clock. For today, working as a barista for a company I love in a city I love…Yeah, that’s the dream job for today.

What’s your favorite pairing with coffee?
Dark chocolate. And a sunrise. (It’s okay to eat chocolate for breakfast.)

If you could have coffee with anyone, living or dead, who’d it be?
I’ll say Charles Dickens. Or Flannery O’Connor. Or Bertolt Brecht.

Where are you to be found when not at Peace Coffee?
Exploring Twin Cities bookstores, churches, the chain of lakes, or the MIA.

What’s your favorite fashion faux pas to commit?
I am unapologetic about wearing my Chacos everywhere in the summertime.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
I’ll get to Jerusalem someday.

If someone made you into a cartoon or comic character, what would that character’s most prominent feature be?
He’d have a backpack on his back at all times.

What is the best bike ride you’ve ever taken & why?
The first time I rode bike through downtown Minneapolis, it was pouring rain. Not the most glamorous bike ride, but it’s a beautiful memory.

What music keeps you going while at work?
Local Natives, Neko Case, Sufjan Stevens…or Whitney’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” on repeat.

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