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Jenny Wine

Jenny Wine

Human Resources Generalist
What’s your favorite fact about coffee?

That there are so many factors that go into how coffee tastes!

What’s your favorite pairing with coffee?

Perfect Bars (Dark Chocolate Chip, of course!)

If you could have coffee with anyone, living or dead, who’d it be?

Vera Wang.

Where are you to be found when not at Peace Coffee?

King’s Canyon (I play a video game called Apex Legends).

What’s your favorite fashion faux pas to commit?

No socks.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

San Diego. I love the ocean!

If someone made you into a cartoon or comic character, what would that character’s most prominent feature be?

My very loud voice.

What’s the best bike ride you’ve ever taken?

I used to bike at Lion’s Park when I was a kid. Nostalgia.

What music keeps you going while at work?

Taylor Swift

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bag of fair trade light roast coffee

Morning Glory

Lush & Uplifting

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