Brian Hoffman

Wonderland Park Barista

What’s your favorite fact about coffee?
The legend of Kaldi’s dancing goats.  Not really a fact, but I just love the imagery.

If you could have coffee with anyone, living or dead, who’d it be?
Tough question.  My first thought was Marcel Duchamp, mostly because he once said, “I have forced myself to contradict myself in order to avoid conforming to my own taste.”  I’d been trying to figure out a way to say that for years.  I’d also be really interested in his take on the art of today, and we could play chess.  But I think the person I’d really like to have a cup of coffee with is Hunter S. Thompson, although I’d be worried he might slip me a mickey while I wasn’t looking.

Where are you to be found when not at Peace Coffee?
Probably at home playing Xbox, watching Netflix, or reading. Otherwise, I’m likely out riding my bike, hanging out at some happy hour.

How do we know when you have control of the music in the shop?
Hoist That Rag by Tom Waits is on repeat.  But seriously, I could listen to that song all day.  But seriously seriously, it’d be tough to tell since a lot of us listen to the same music there, but if Gnarls Barkley or Daikiju is playing it’s probably me.

What’s your favorite drink to make at Wonderland Park and why?
I love making pour overs and chemexes as they showcase the diversity of each coffee.  It’s crazy how much different something like Morning Glory Blend tastes as a Chemex as compared to regular drip.

What’s your dream job?
I think I’ve found it!

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