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Toddy Maker

Toddy Maker — 


This weekend only, purchase a Toddy Cold Brew maker and we'll throw in a bag of Yeti Cold Press pre-ground for your first batch and ship it for free! 
*No promo code needed, coffee will be added when we pack your order. No substitutions. This promotion is also valid at our coffee shop locations.

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The Toddy maker is the key to that rich and smooth cold press coffee that we get hooked on every summer. The secret ingredients? No hot water and a thick felt filter means a silky concentrate that's lower in acidity than hot brewed coffee and can be stored in the fridge for 14 days if it lasts that long! Our Yeti Cold Press Blend was specially designed for this method of brewing. Check out our Cold Press Brew Guide below!


  • Made of glass and plastic, all parts dishwasher safe except for the felt filter
  • Holds enough water to make 48 oz. of concentrate that can make hot or cold beverages
  • We sell replacement filters and rubber plugs if they run away

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