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Twin Cities Signature Blend

(69 customer reviews)
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One, a little more bustling, and the other, a little more cozy, Twin Cities pays homage to the distinct styles of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Pedaling the line between medium and dark roast, the result is a balanced coffee that’s full of flavor. Our flagship fair trade dark roast coffee is sure to be enjoyed no matter which side of the river you’re from.

Roast: Dark

Acidity: Soft

Body: Syrupy

Aroma: Nutty, Honey, Roasted Almond, & Chocolate

Tasting Notes: Toasted Walnut, Cocoa, Caramel

  • Always Organic & Fair Trade
  • Shade Grown, Fresh Roasted
  • B Corp Certified
  • Low Acid Coffee

Whether you’re doing donuts on a snowy back road or taking in all the sun that summer has to offer, take your fair trade dark roast coffee to go in your favorite travel mug. Of course, enjoy your coffee any way! Need some tips? Our brewing guides are here to help.

Fresh coffee means your order will take up to three business days to ship from our roastery. If you place an order on the weekend, it will not be processed until Monday. Don’t fret, you’ll get an email update when your box of happiness is on the way!

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69 Reviews for Twin Cities Signature Blend

  1. I start every morning with Peace Coffee and usually drink medium roast, but when I want to switch it up I brew Twin Cities roast. It’s full of flavor but still smooth. I love having Peace Coffee options–especially since they are all great!

    — Julianne W.

  2. I lovevthis coffee. I’m a big fan of so many of your coffees but I think that this is the best one!

    — Lonnie B.

  3. Twin cities blend is definitely my favorite. I prefer making this coffee at home in my percolator than any coffee shop! Love that I can get the subscription for delivery so I never have to worry about running out. Great customer service as well. Thanks, Peace Coffee, I love you!

    — Katie S.

  4. This is my first Twin Cities and am not disappointed. It is a smooth and hearty dark roast which applies itself to several brewing methods. Moka and French press are my favorites and let us not leave out my lever espresso brews. I am looking forward to that one. I enjoy most of these roasts from light to dark. Variety is always nice.

    — Miriam G.

  5. Very pleasant smoky flavor! I can almost imagine myself in a Smoky Mountain cabin☺️Notes of chocolate detected as well. Every cup brings comfort and a sense of calm.

    — Katy W.

  6. We love this blend. Great balance and perfect for our morning cup of coffee. We grind each morning and make it in a pour over and it’s fantastic! Appeals to my like of darker roast and my spouses preference towards medium.

    — Meg S.

  7. So far my favorite coffee… perfect for well balanced espresso!

    — Jacob H.

  8. By far our favorite! It is rich and bold. I savor every sip.

    — Sharon K.

  9. Twin Cities brews up a tasty dark roast, smooth body, well balanced blend with that perfect “good morning” aroma. This was my first bag but will not be my last!

    — Janet R.

  10. I love this Twin Cities blend! No no no bitterness and low acidity….really great! Just a wonderful tasting coffee. I drink it black, the real flavor comes through..i love it!

    — Wendy O.

  11. Great blend I have been drinking for the past couple months now. The low acidity and rich dark flavor works great for lattes and cappuccinos!!

    — Hayden D.

  12. I bought two bags of the Twin Cities blend, one for myself, and one to add to a “Made in MN” basket for my brother. This is great coffee, and I am so glad that I chose this blend. It has toasted nut and chocolate notes. Superb dark roast with no bitterness.

    — Jewel H.

  13. I bought two bags of the Twin Cities blend, one for myself, and one to add to a “Made in MN” basket for my brother. This is great coffee, and I am so glad that I chose this blend. It has toasted nut and chocolate notes. Superb dark roast with no bitterness.

    — Jewel H.

  14. Great coffee to get my morning started! Always enjoy the inviting aroma and tasty hints of cocoa. Thanks!

    — Ronald A.

  15. This Twin Cities blend is our all time favorite roast, *anywhere*. Any time we’re traveling, we bring a bag of this as a “gift” for our host…just so we can enjoy the taste of home while we’re away! This stuff is so much better than the vast majority of coffee shops that it’s saving us money by NOT being tempted to pick up coffee while we’re out.

    — Lucas H.

  16. The Peace Coffee Twin Cities blend is my go-to brew. I have to have it!! I gift it to my coffeeholic crew and it is amazing! 5 lb bags are a necessity at my house. Try it, you won’t be disappointed ❤️☕❤️

    — Denise S.

  17. My husband and I have been drinking Peace coffee 3-4 years ago and love it! It’s a perfect roast, hands down! Thank you!

    — Cheryl J.

  18. Nice flavor hot or as a cold brew.

    — Paul C.

  19. I picked up a small bag of Twin Cities at a local grocer and it was love at first sip. Just ordered a 5lb bag and look forward to trying more roasts from Peace Coffee!

    — DONALD S.

  20. Another winner from Peace! Very smooth, easy drinking, but still rich and full of flavor.

    — Ian S.

  21. Superbly balanced, deeply satisfying. A dark, rich blend that’s versatile enough to taste great all year around.

    — Zach M.

  22. Really delicious! Perfect for our morning coffee. Think we have a new favorite blend.

    — Carla O.

  23. Can’t go wrong with a Peace dark roast!
    Great roast full of flavor and body, everything you want in a dark roast.

    — Trent P.

  24. Delicious – very balanced. Well certainly keep this in my rotation.

    — Scott P.

  25. Love the deep coffee-ness of dark roast Twin Cities Signature Blend.

    — Kristine S.

  26. Ideally, I’d give this 4.5 stars…but it’s too good to give 4 stars. It’s a great balanced and enjoyable brew, not super duper rich, but very very good. I lean toward very dark and rich, so I like the French Roast over this one but it’s really hard to choose a favorite, it’s like children…depending on the day, each could be your favorite 🙂

    — Matthew R.

  27. very balanced and enjoyable!

    — LYNN G.

  28. This is the best for my afternoon latte or iced coffee! Smooth and delicious!

    — Delaina H.

  29. I really love this coffee! It’s a great way to start my morning 🙂

    — Alex F.

  30. Perfect cup of coffee every time—appreciate fast delivery!

    — Patricia L.

  31. Great everyday coffee! It smells so good right out of the bag.

    — Leah D.

  32. The perfect everyday blend!

    — Christina K.

  33. The Twin Cities blend is my go-to everyday coffee. It tastes great and my 5lb subscription is so worth it!

    — Trevor H.

  34. My go to roast for french press

    — Wesley S.

  35. This is one of my favorite Peace blends. Really easy to drink, I like to alternate between this and Tree Hugger.

    — Allison P.

  36. The best out there! We were out for several weeks and bought other whole beans from a local coffee shop. They couldn’t compare! I will never let our supply run out again!

    — Kylie R.

  37. Our go-to blend, love it for everyday pick me up!

    — lauren d.

  38. Peace Coffee is the only coffee I drink! I’ve been buying the 5lb bag for years and love it. Peace Coffee has the best flavor and I’ll never go back to any other brand.

    — Amber L.

  39. I discovered Peace Coffee in a roundabout way through a subscription produce box, and it has since become my favorite coffee. I am always in search of that elusive combination of strong, rich coffee that isn’t harsh or bitter—and Peace Coffee nails it! I’ve enjoyed every bag I have tried, Guatemala single origin and Tree Hugger signature blend being particular standouts, but Twin Cities is probably my favorite; chocolatey and smooth, rich and full-bodied. Living in NYC we have no shortage of access to hip third-wave coffee, but I am glad I’ve discovered this special coffee company from Minneapolis.

    — Bryan H.

  40. I have used Peace Coffee’s Twin Cities blend for over 3 years and I love it! Over half the people I make coffee for ask what the blend is because they love it too!

    — Tyson P.

  41. Used to LOVE the Sumatran beans and was bummed when they were discontinued. But Twin Cities is almost as good and that’s good enough!

    — Dean B.

  42. My husband and I are on the auto-ship program and make cold brew with the Twin Cities blend. Oh so good! Always have our favorite coffee on hand.

    — Janine L.

  43. I love this blend! It is rich, flavorful and smooth – one that I will continue to purchase!

    — Jeanne U.

  44. If I’m in the mood for a dark roast, this blend is definitely one of my go to’s. You can’t go wrong with Twin Cities. Enjoy!

    — Andrew S.

  45. Love the TC blend even as we have moved away from the cities, the best!

    — Tanner K.

  46. We can’t give up the Twin Cities Blend even though we moved to NC from Minneapolis two years ago! Love it and appreciate Peace Coffee’s commitment to Fair Trade, organic products!

    — Kate P.

  47. Who can argue with a classic?!

    — Ty W.

  48. A smooth yet stronger brew! My favorite coffee ever! I can’t start my day without it!

    — Tina Marie V.

  49. Definitely, one of our go-to options when we order from Peace Coffee. We’ve tried quite a few and fall back to Twin Cities quite frequently!

    — Ryan W.

  50. Our favorite blend!

    — Nicole H.

  51. Local coffee sustaining my life.

    — Michelle B.

  52. Great dark coffee! So smooth and not acidic.

    — Katrina H.

  53. Best coffee I’ve ever had!

    — Paula M.

  54. First exposure to Peace Coffee. Great dark roast.

    — David J.

  55. Smooth isn’t the word; this coffee is perfection – hot or cold! – and belongs in every house

    — Kristin M.

  56. This is hands down our favorite coffee in our house! “Smooth and inviting” is the perfect description for this. We love making it with our pour over coffee maker.

    — Brian S.

  57. I fell in love with this blend when introduced on vacation. I came home and knew I had to have more. This is smooth, rich, and balanced roast is delightful.

    — Angela H.

  58. My favorite or favorites. Life is better after the first sip, and I rest well with a monthly 5lb bag on auto-ship. <3

    — Shayna A.

  59. My favorite of all the coffees! Dark but never bitter and smooth and a great way to start the day.

    — Elizabeth T.

  60. I enjoy many of the Peace Coffee blends but the Twin Cities blend is by far my favorite. I’m originally from Minnesota but now live in Myrtle Beach SC so I love to start my day with a little bit of home in a cup of Peace Coffee. For the past several years Peace Coffee is the only coffee served in our home. I wish you’d consider a southern cousin store here at the Beach! LOVE Peace Coffee!

    — Linda S.

  61. My husband’s favorite – hands down. I used to buy coffee randomly, always whole bean but from various roasters or whatever I could find on sale. Once we tried Twin Cities blend, there was no turning back. I’m not allowed to buy any other kind of coffee for our house now!

    — Kayla H.

  62. Always consistently delicious!

    — David K.

  63. Never disappointed with my subscription of Twin Cities. Alway rich in flavor.

    — Paula M.

  64. We always have this blend on hand. It is our go to in the morning. Never disappointed.

    — Stacie W.

  65. So far this is my favorite blend. I find it bold and lots of flavor. In fact, this was the first flavor I tried from this company which led me to trying more of their coffees. If you like a bold coffee, you can’t go wrong.

    — Marlene K.

  66. 5 stars from this house and family members. This is a our fave for morning breakfast routines.

    — Heather Anne W.

  67. Your Twin Cities Blend is the best coffee I’ve ever tasted. I’m lucky and grateful they serve it where I work, and it’s all we drink at home.

    — Marshall S.

  68. Bought bags of Twin Cities roast yesterday. My favorite brew.

    — Milo V.

  69. Just received 5 lbs. of whole bean Twin Cities roast yesterday. Everybody needs some fresh Peace Coffee!!!

    — Dana D.

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  • Elevation: 1,200-1,500 meters above sea level
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