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Guatemala Single Origin

(70 customer reviews)
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Guatemala is a dark roast organic coffee that has been a longstanding customer favorite! This trusty brew has gotten us through many long Minnesota winters. The Manos Campesinas cooperative, our longest trading relationship, produces amazingly sweet and rich coffee that shines as a dark roast! Each cup of this organic coffee is a loving tribute to the small group of growers who work so hard to produce it.

Let’s rock! 🤘😝  Guatemala Metal Playlist

Darkest roast, meets the darkest genre. Don’t be fooled by Peace Coffee’s soft exterior, we’ve got tons of metalheads on staff and they’re ready to bring the vibe.

Roast: Dark

Acidity: Soft

Body: Smooth

Aroma: Dark Chocolate, Toasted Almond, Caramelized Sugar, & Smoke

Tasting Notes: Bittersweet Chocolate, Cherry, Anise

  • Always Organic & Fair Trade
  • Shade Grown, Fresh Roasted
  • B Corp Certified
  • Low Acid Coffee

For the pinnacle pot, give your old French Press a workout so you can experience the velvety body and deep cherry flavors of this dark roast organic coffee. Of course, any brew method you choose will delight. Need some tips? Our brewing guides are here to help.

Fresh coffee means your order will take up to three business days to ship from our roastery. If you place an order on the weekend, it will not be processed until Monday. Don’t fret, you’ll get an email update when your box of happiness is on the way!

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70 Reviews for Guatemala Single Origin

  1. Awesome taste

    — Joe F.

  2. I usually buy medium roast but sometimes I want a dark rich roast—that doesn’t hide the flavor of the beans. Peace Coffee gets it right with Guatemala dark roast. And I love that it can be traced right back to the farm where it is grown.

    — Julianne W.

  3. I usually buy medium roast but sometimes I want a dark rich roast—that doesn’t hide the flavor of the beans. Peace Coffee gets it right with Guatemala dark roast. And I love that it can be traced right back to the farm where it is grown.

    — Julianne W.

  4. “Rich and Chocolaty” is the description on the front of the bag for good reason! This my favorite Peace Coffee to make my morning cortado or flat white with on my Lelit Mara X espresso machine.

    — Bryce C.

  5. This may be my favorite roast at Peace Coffee. Smooth, rich, dark flavor without a burnt after taste.

    — LUCAS M.

  6. We love this whole bean single origin roast. Sometimes I use a French Press but usually a semi-automatic espresso machine to make Americanos or Lattes. These beans provide a sweet, smooth taste that’s never bitter. Definitely one of our favorites.

    — Mark B.

  7. Great flavor to start your morning. This is a dark roast that tastes like a medium roast with the right amount of caffeine.

    — John P.

  8. Yumtastic! This is the perfect blend of dark and flavorful. Not burned tasting just to rich and chocolatey!

    — Laura A.

  9. This is exactly what I am looking for in a dark roast. A little bit dark-chocolatey and very, very smooth.

    — Karl S.

  10. This coffee is delicious. I am so pleased that I decided to try it. I’m gonna try to Twin Cities next. Love Peace Coffee.

    — Lonnie B.

  11. We love this smooth delicious dark roast! If your on the fence – buy it!!

    — Delaina H.

  12. We love this smooth delicious dark roast! If your on the fence – buy it!!

    — Delaina H.

  13. Love this Peace Coffee roast! Definitely my favorite. Very smooth and great flavor!

    — Kim C.

  14. This is my favorite coffee! It is rich and delicious and makes waking up in the morning special!

    — Cate B.

  15. Wonderfully flavorful, rich, and oh so smooth!

    — Annie R.

  16. The only coffee I’ll drink!

    — Jae S.

  17. This is my favorite of Peace’s coffees. Perfectly dark and sweet.

    — John S.

  18. Love the Guatemala blend! I can’t wait to get out of bed every morning and pour a cup! Looking forward to trying the other coffees in my shipment.

    — Robert V.

  19. Delicious!!!

    — Matthew M.

  20. The best dark roast I’ve drank in a very long time, rich, smooth, satisfying!

    — Scott C.

  21. Bold, slightly earthy flavor. Smooth finish.

    — Merissa W.

  22. One of my favorites! Rich, bold, but still well-balanced!

    — Ian S.

  23. I lived in Minneapolis for 10 years & got hooked on Peace Coffee. I moved 2 years ago and living in a rural area there isn’t a retailer near by. I started buying on Amazon 2 years ago & have moved to buying direct on their website! Now I get to earn points for future purchases! All of their blends are amazing!

    — Laura R.

  24. I love this coffee in the winter. It is so rich and warming, a wonderful dark roast.

    — Arielle S.

  25. A perfect dark roast

    — Amanda B.

  26. I love the deep, rich flavor that’s interesting enough to drink black, but bold enough that it’s good mixed with fixings. It’s just what I need in the morning, and a good crowd-pleaser overall.

    — Rebecca K.

  27. Such a delightful blend of coffee

    — Jessica C.

  28. This is my “go to” coffee every morning. Been going through a bag weekly for the past few months and it seems I’ll never tire of this flavor, so good!!!

    — GREGORY M.

  29. This is my go-to coffee. The roast is perfect for a morning brew in the French press. Rich caramel and chocolate-overtones make it extra special. My wife and I never leave any behind.

    — Carol T.

  30. Just absolutely fantastic coffee. The beans are wonderfully oily, and the coffee is rich and caramelly/nutty.

    — Emery T.

  31. Perfect in a French press

    — Wesley S.

  32. I love dark roast coffees and Guatemala is my favorite!

    — Jan S.

  33. Absolutely love this coffee. I have tried all of the Peace Coffee dark roasts and this is just as excellent as the others. A delicious, rich cup of coffee!

    — Kyle M.

  34. We have been drinking Guatemala Single Origin Dark Roast nearly exclusively for more than 20 years. Except for those times when you are away from home, without Peace Coffee…

    — Heather R.

  35. ~ Excellent, excellent coffee beans! Guatemala dark roast is my favorite. Friends always ask about my stellar coffee, happy to share that it’s PEACE COFFEE. It’s especially wonderful to have coffee delivery in the middle of winter! ~

    — Shell K.

  36. Consistently amazing!!! Love everything about the Guatemala roast. Have been drinking this as my daily go to for several years!!

    — Michele S.

  37. Favorite coffee, I love the chocolate notes. Still tastes good even if I forget a little bit of coffee in the pot and finish it the next day.

    — Lauren E.

  38. This is my most favorite coffee with a perfect blend of chocolate and almost hazelnut notes. Well balanced and not citrusy.

    — Catherine C.

  39. We’ve been Peace drinkers for years, Guaty dark is perfect for people who want a dark brew

    — Adam H.

  40. Great blend for cold brew. I have tried almost all the blends and so far I think this makes the best cold brew, even better than the Yeti cold brew.

    — Paul C.

  41. Makes a great pour over with the V60 and absolutely delicious in a French Press. The smoothness comes through no matter what your ratio is. Enjoy every cup!

    — Miriam G.

  42. This is my favorite Peace Coffee so far! It’s dark, smooth, and I like it strong! Delicious!!

    — Kristine G.

  43. I’ve been a fan of Peace Coffee’s Guatemala Single Origin for years. I’ve also introduced it to numerous friends who have enjoyed it as well. It’s a smooth, rich, dark roast that always delivers a great taste. You can’t go wrong with this coffee.

    — Frank S.

  44. This is definitely one of our favorite Peace Coffee varieties! I love the richness, the chocolate notes, and how it’s not bitter/burnt-tasting. We love a solid dark roast in our house; this one always hits the spot. Bonus points for low acidity as well!

    — Robyn W.

  45. What a fun flavor! I enjoy this cup of coffee with a slice of banana cream pie.

    — Andrew S.

  46. The Guatemala Single Origin. We can’t wait to get our first cup every morning. We’re now spoiled for any other coffee. Nothing tastes as good. We’ve been ordering this bean now for over two years, and there’s no sign of us changing! Love it!

    — David J.

  47. The favorite coffee in our dark-roast-loving household! Rich, strong, delicious, tastes like dessert! Can’t wait to get up in the morning for this coffee!

    — Melanie P.

  48. I love this Guatemala blend. It is perfectly smooth and balanced. Hints of chocolate and all around great cup of Joe. I drink it everyday and never get tired of it.

    — Emily A.

  49. Another solid dark roast offering.

    — Ty W.

  50. Love this company! Love this coffee! Order it again and again and the service is amazing.

    — Andrea E.

  51. So rich tasting!

    — Corene E.

  52. My new favorite dark roast! I used to be pretty loyal to tree hugger, but when I tried more roasts from Peace this one really takes the cake!

    — Trent P.

  53. This is my favorite dark roast! Love the dark chocolate and hint of cherry on the tasting notes. This is definitely a coffee I frequently buy.

    — Trent P.

  54. Delicious! Dark and bold without any burnt flavor or heaviness that can sometimes come through with dark roast coffee. Will purchase again!

    — Allison P.

  55. Best coffee ever & always!!

    — Kristin P.

  56. My favorite blend so far! A little richer, a little chocolatey-er, and a whole lot of yummy!

    — April M.

  57. This is the third coffee from Peace Coffee I’ve tried..I can’t pick a favorite!

    — Patricia W.

  58. That the fact that this is coffee is from single origin makes it all the better. As a Guatemalan myself I always look for ways to support farmers direct from the homeland!

    — Alex M.

  59. Our go to daily coffee. Exactly as described; rich and chocolatey!! So good!

    — Katrina H.

  60. All the coffees I have had have been delicious…my new favorite brand is peace coffee. Margaret

    — Margaret M.

  61. Of the dozens of different choices from various roasters, this one, Guatemala Single Origin from Peace Coffee, absolutely satisfies our need for a quality cuppa! We play with the grind and the brew method, but overall this GSO is a HATTRICK! Mmm good! ….go Wild!

    — John Jeffrey D.

  62. Simply put, our go-to coffee! Smooth, bold, chocolatey with hints of cherry, spice and a tidge of tobacco? It’s always a great day starting off with a steaming mug of Peace Guatemala!

    — Chris M.

  63. Hands down my favorite coffee. I know what I like, describing it is a different story. The reference to chocolate makes sense. It’s luxurious.

    — Jennifer H.

  64. Wonderful dark roast, probably my favorite blend at Peace Coffee.

    — David J.

  65. I’ve always had a special love for Guatemalan beans, and these are no exception! The smoky notes make this single origin stand out for those who like their flavors a touch exotic.

    — Jerielle H.

  66. This is a very nice rich coffee. I haven’t found a single coffee of this company that I don’t like.

    — Jean S.

  67. Very smooth and balanced bitterness!

    — David K.

  68. Dark roasted, clean brewing and richly satisfying in the morning. This is a great dark roast and I’m pleased to support organic farming practices and quality beans. Thank you Peace Coffee!

    — Heather Anne W.

  69. I did enjoy the flavor if this blend. Only thing is I know it is a dark blend but I was hoping it was a little stronger tasting but I still enjoyed it.

    — Marlene K.

  70. I’ve tried many Peace coffee blends over the years and the Guatemala single source is my new favorite. Smooth and dark, this is a great everyday basic.

    — Jennifer K.

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Fair Trade Coffee Origins

Manos Campesinas – Asociación de Pequeños Productores de Café Manos Campesinas

  • Founded: 1997
  • Farmer Members: 1340
  • Elevation: 1,200 - 1,800 meters

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