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Water Process Decaf Full City Roast

water process decaf coffee bag

Bright with raisin sweetness and milk chocolate, this water process decaf is rounded out with a luscious honey graham backbone.

brewing suggestions

Our mountain water processed decaf coffees should be brewed with the same care and precision as any coffee. We love Decaf Full City in an automatic drip brewer, poured into a carafe, and shared around the table with dessert. Of course, any brew method you choose is perfect. Need some tips? Our brewing guides are here to help. 

pair with

Gooey fudge brownies, fresh evening air, and a festive late-night occasion.

bean credentials

  • Fresh Roasted
  • Certified Organic
  • Fair Trade


Decaf coffee has traditionally been given a bad rap. Usually an afterthought, decaf is typically left to burn on the pot with unfulfilled dreams of being joyfully consumed. Our Decaf Full City flips the script on the usual. Full of flavor and roasted with the same care and attention we give our finest caffeinated roasts, our water-processed decaf coffee has fooled even our most meticulous coffee minds in a blind taste test. Whether you're cutting back or craving a smooth sip late at night, this coffee is sure to hit the spot!

about peace coffee

We’ve been roasting fair trade, organic coffee in Minneapolis since 1996. We’re passionate about roasting fresh, delicious coffee while cultivating long-lasting relationships along the way. Visit us at one of our cafes in Minneapolis!








raisin, nutty & malty

Notes from the Lab:

milk chocolate, golden raisin, roasted almond, cinnamon

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