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Birchwood Breakfast Blend

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What’s better than a breakfast made with love at your local neighborhood cafe? Staying home and making it yourself with a delicious mug of Birchwood breakfast blend. Imagine a stack of pancakes, perfectly cooked eggs, and a pot of this delightfully balanced organic medium roast coffee that’s sure to get your day headed in the right direction.

Giddy Up!🏇🏾🤠 Birchwood Country and Americana Playlist

Start your mornings nice and slow with a mug of Birchwood Breakfast Blend and songs by legends like Loretta Lynn and Hank Williams. Then give it a modern twist with songs by artists like Brandi Carlile and Tyler Childers. 

Roast: Medium

Acidity: Mild

Body: Smooth

Aroma: Roasted Hazelnut, Graham, Smoke & Vanilla

Tasting Notes: Bittersweet Chocolate, Honey, Cedar

  • Always Organic & Fair Trade
  • Shade Grown, Fresh Roasted
  • B Corp Certified
  • Low Acid Coffee

Break out your glass airpot or your grandmother’s carafe and brew up a big pot of Birchwood Blend, our organic medium roast coffee, in your trusty drip brewer. Of course, any brew method you choose will please your people. Need some tips? Our brewing guides are here to help.

Fresh coffee means your order will take up to three business days to ship from our roastery. If you place an order on the weekend, it will not be processed until Monday. Don’t fret, you’ll get an email update when your box of happiness is on the way!

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Organic coffee - USDA Organic certification seal Shade grown coffee Fair trade coffee Fresh roasted coffee Certified Benefit-Corporation seal

94 Reviews for Birchwood Breakfast Blend

  1. This is the Peace Coffee blend that first made me fall for Peace Coffee. It’s the perfect morning drink to pair with any breakfast treat, as well as a great pick-me-up in the afternoon. Easy drinking and yummy.

    — Ellen B.

  2. I really enjoyed them! They made using my Keurig at work feel better knowing the pods were compostable

    — Alex F.

  3. Definitely different and enjoyable. Makes for a nice pour over brew.

    — Miriam G.

  4. An all around good coffee. Great in the morning– low acidity and great flavor.

    — Lee L.

  5. Absolutely delicious… medium roast heaven.

    — Matthew G.

  6. I love this coffee and how it is delivered. I love the company.

    — Nancy B.

  7. My go-to coffee for years!

    — Maureen H.

  8. Love Birchwood blend!

    — michael s.

  9. Love the toasty notes in this blend. Immediately became a morning staple. So good!

    — Robert V.

  10. wonderful. a beautifully mellow flavor.

    — LYNN G.

  11. Just when I thought I fell I love with Twin Cities, I found Birchwood. Now have two incredible beans in my rotation. ☕️❤️

    — DONALD S.

  12. These are the best pods we’ve tried yet. We’ve always loved the beans but when we saw Peace Coffee was offering compostable pods, we had to try them for those days when we’re rushing out the door. Nailed it.

    — Zac E.

  13. I LOVE Peace Coffee & the fact they are out of MN! Buying local is what I love to do and even better when it’s coffee that taste so good!!

    — Jenaya N.

  14. I buy the coffee for our church coffee time and was looking for fair trade organic coffee. I was very pleasantly surprised that I could subscribe and get PEACE coffee for the same price I was getting non fair trade or organic coffee on Amazon. I can skip a month if need be and change how often it is delivered. The site is very easy to use. When points build up, the price goes down by about $10 for the order.
    People love the Birchwood Blend and are very happy with the brand. I’d recommend PEACE coffee to anyone.

    — Marcia L.

  15. My go-to morning coffee! Have it every morning and never gets old.

    — Autumn L.

  16. My favorite coffee ever!

    — Mike B.

  17. Traveling for business finds us always carrying Birchwood to our next temporary kitchen. It’s so wonderful each and every morning! Thanks for all you do for so many.

    — Grace Marilyn S.

  18. The perfect morning coffee. Perfectly balanced, and makes me so nostalgic for brunch at the Birchwood when I lived in Minneapolis. A decade later, I still order it to be shipped to my home regularly. Forever our household favorite coffee.

    — Amariah H.

  19. Fantastic medium blend coffee, first flavor we tried. Love it.

    — Susan H.

  20. This is my favorite, go-to coffee to send to friends and family through subscriptions! Everyone loves it!

    — Amy T.

  21. Love the flavor! Great blend of coffee. I alternate between this and the blue ox.

    — Levi P.

  22. Fantastic blend – rich and smoothly balanced coffee that has become our daily go-to coffee. Love it.

    — Anne S.

  23. I’ve been drinking coffee for over 60 years! Birchwood and Guatemala are two of the best coffees ever! Everything Peace Coffee does is gold! 😎😀

    — Jeff M.

  24. This is my go to coffee! It’s perfect for every day. It’s smooth and full of flavors. Before I bought it I thought it would be too smokey or toasty, but it’s absolutely delicious!

    — Wendy W.

  25. Part of my daily morning routine is pour over with Birchwood breakfast blend. Well balanced and perfect coffee to fill your mug. Peace Coffee rocks!

    — David G.

  26. My wife and I love this coffee! I thought Peru was my favorite until we bought the Birchwood and it quickly became our favorite. Excited to try more!

    — Shea D.

  27. Best coffee I’ve ever brewed at my house. Is my new house standard.

    — John M.

  28. I’m searching for a coffee with lots of flavor and aroma, and this is good, I would say, but for me, not as amazing as most of the reviews. I’m still searching, but I would buy it again.

    — Rita A.

  29. Amazing coffee! I can be in another room, when the Birchwood bag is opened, the wonderful aroma floats over invite me for a cup. Gave a sample to our neighbors, they are hooked! Everyone who tries the Birchwood loves this blend.

    — Carla O.

  30. Good bold blend. works well as a cold brew.

    — Paul C.

  31. Birchwood is the perfect coffee to start my day! I do love all Peace Coffee, but Birchwood is my #1.

    — Susie T.

  32. My “go to” for morning coffee! Well balanced, toasted flavor hits the spot!

    — Craig C.

  33. My “go to” for morning coffee! Well balanced, toasted flavor hits the spot!

    — Craig C.

  34. Great morning medium roast coffee. Love the 5 lb bags, so convenient!

    — Alison S.

  35. I struggle with every Peace Coffee order I place. How do I decide what to order? Every roast is a favorite! But I especially love Birchwood. Thanks Peace Coffee, for everything.

    — Julianne W.

  36. Love Birchwood! The eco-pods make it so simple! Well done Peace Coffee! 👏👏👏

    — JoAnne H.

  37. Birchwood is one of many favorites, so I was very happy to take advantage of a recent sale to buy a five pound bag. I love that the beans are processed when ordered, and I love Peace Coffee’s exceptional customer service.

    — Lauren T.

  38. Best K-Pods around! We love the K-Pods from Peace Coffee- We like to have them around for when we need a quick cup! It is great they are compostable & they have the best overall flavor of K-Pods that we have tried!

    — Jennifer H.

  39. Birchwood Breakfast Blend is my absolute favorite of all the Peace Coffee blends. It is that perfect medium roast that goes with everything. This is my go to coffee!!

    — Heather D.

  40. Tastes just like home!

    — Christina K.

  41. My favorite coffee. I use this in my espresso machine and it gives the nicest, smoothest shots. I don’t like really dark roasts as I find them too harsh. This hits the mark of being mild enough to still enjoy, but still full bodied and makes it clear you’re drinking coffee. Love it!

    — Joanna M.

  42. Definitely the best coffee I found it on the market!

    — samir h.

  43. Such a staple! The pods are amazing!

    — Emily S.

  44. Birchwood whole bean coffee is how we start our day and how we measure up all other coffee.

    — Krista E.

  45. We LOVE Peace Coffee Birchwood Breakfast. I’ve tried other brands- no comparison! Sticking to what we truly enjoy!

    — Amanda H.

  46. I got the pods for a friend as a gift, and he liked them so much, I had to get some for myself. This is a delicious blend!

    — Christa R.

  47. This is a fantastic blend that my wife and I have been enjoying for many years. Much appreciation to the Peace Coffee crew for the delicious daily dose of caffeine!

    — Sean K.


    — Clay C.

  49. Love this blend when we want something a little lighter than our favorite, Guatemala!

    — David J.

  50. They absolutely nailed it, this blend tastes and smells so good when you grind it fresh and brew it – I typically use drip, but other methods would be great I’m sure, too! it’s just wonderful. Really love this!

    — Ashley F.

  51. Peace Coffee knocks it out of the park with this blend. I have a hard time deciding which blend is my all time favorite but this one is definitely way up there! Love it!

    — Andrew S.

  52. Our favorite morning coffee! We get the 5lb bag subscription and love to see the Peace Coffee box when it shows up on the front porch.

    — Joanna P.

  53. My go-to favorite coffee every day! I get the 5# bag and enjoy every last bean!

    — Katie H.

  54. Obsessed with my Birchwood Peace Coffee. Only coffee my household drinks. Smooth and lovely blend of flavor.

    — Susan B.

  55. Birchwood is my favorite.

    — Tracey S.

  56. Very smooth coffee!

    — Kaite S.

  57. I subscribe to the 5# bag and love it! Always excellent and supports my efforts to support ethical companies.

    — Sonja H.

  58. This has been our go-to for years. Rich and smooth, we go through a 5lb bag every month!

    — Jeffrey M.

  59. Always delicious. My “daily driver” which I try to suggest to everyone that doesn’t drink it.

    — Eric M.

  60. Simply the best!! We go through a 5lb bag monthly.

    — Jon H.

  61. I love this blend! We moved away from MN a few years ago, and every time we receive our subscription order from Peace Coffee, it’s like a little piece of home shows up at our doorstep. The Birchwood Blend in particular has me reminiscing about drinking coffee alongside a savory waffle or eggs benny.

    — Sarah C.

  62. We received our first bag as part of a subscription box of groceries. We did our research and found the Peace Coffee online store and the rest is history. We are members of the Birchwood blend subscription service and get a 5lb bag every 6 weeks. We have started trying the other blends but keep Birchwood as our morning standard. Thanks Peace Coffee!!

    — Matthew S.

  63. The perfect coffee to have with pancakes or French toast.

    — Kristin M.

  64. Our favorite! We have it on subscription—and find it hard to switch to anything else. This is such a great one!

    — Joa K.

  65. A friend from MN brewed me a cup and later gifted me a bag. Since then, it’s been an instant favorite that I consistently go back to. Just a good solid cup, but reliably good, so when you wake up, you know your morning will start off great!

    — Meriana M.

  66. You know how sometimes a simple cup of diner coffee is great? Well this is exactly that, but elevated.

    — Ty W.

  67. We moved out of the midwest and still order Birchwood shipped to us because it’s our ALL TIME FAVORITE. That first sip is a slice of heaven every day!

    — Kristy R.

  68. I love, love, love this coffee!

    — Elizabeth R.

  69. Love, love the Birchwood Breakfast Blend. It is such a great coffee. I cold press it and then heat it up for a warm cup of coffee. Delicious.

    — Sara C.

  70. Great coffee. Makes great espresso shot.

    — Karla R.

  71. Very good hot or iced! I use an Aeropress to brew it. I like the smooth, nutty flavor.

    — NEJLAH H.

  72. I bought this coffee at a local grocery store when it was on sale, and was really impressed. I find it balanced and easy to drink. I would return to purchase on sale, and eventually got sick of drinking other, lesser quality coffee in the interim. Was so excited to see a subscription option and look forward to my coffee every morning!

    — Allison P.

  73. My mom said she loved this coffee!

    — Lauren H.

  74. I was very pleasantly surprised by this coffee. I did not expect to like it this much as I was worried it will be too strong, roasty and rich. In fact it is really tasty, well balanced and not overpowering. I like to alternate between Birchwood and Peruvian coffee.

    — Adela K.

  75. I didn’t expect to like this coffee as much as I did, but it is perfectly named because I love to have it with my breakfast. This is another repeat order for me.

    — Kira-Ann H.

  76. My favorite medium roast coffee!

    — Patricia W.

  77. We love this coffee. A great medium roast good anytime of day. I tell myself I am going to try a different coffee next time I order but never do!!

    — Teresa G.

  78. My favorite coffee to drink in the morning.

    — Melissa C.

  79. Best of the bunch. Everything else. Very close second.

    — Chris B.

  80. This is my favorite coffee anywhere and of all time. It’s rich and tasty. Grind your own and enjoy.

    — Matthew T.

  81. We love all the Peace Coffee beans! This is one of our favorites. It’s Just right in roast, flavor, acidity, and is tasty enough to be drunk black.

    — David G.

  82. This coffee can’t be beat, it has been the only coffee that doesn’t give me a caffeine headache or icky feeling. Its delicious and how we start our day every morning. Birchwood Breakfast Blend has been a favorite but we have loved all the ones we have tried.

    — Erin M.

  83. My wife and I have been testing various coffees for months, looking for the perfect morning brew. Birchwood hits it out of the park for us. A splash of half-and-half and I’m a happy camper.

    — Clark M.

  84. I moved away from Minneapolis 2 years ago and struggled to find excellent coffee that was actually affordable. I was so happy to find my favorite Birchwood Blend could be shipped to me and I would still save money, It is a total win!

    — Michaela W.

  85. Birchwood is just right! Very smooth and perfect flavor. Great to wake up to!

    — Pamela S.

  86. Who doesn’t love a lazy brunch out on a sunlit patio? This bean brings you back to that sunny state of mind, hearkening to it’s namesake, the Birchwood Cafe in Minneapolis. It makes my go-to Americano and brings a slice of home to my new one in California.

    — Josie M.

  87. Birchwood Blend is my favorite morning go-to. Just add a splash of milk and some honey and it’s the perfect breakfast. Who needs food when you have Peace Coffee?!

    — Jessica K.

  88. All Peace Coffee is great, but Birchwood is my favorite! A great everyday coffee.

    — Katherine N.

  89. For sure our favorite blend! Discovered it way back when it was first released at its namesake, The Birchwood Cafe.

    — Adam S.

  90. I love this blend! So much flavor & goes well with everything.

    — Jean S.

  91. Runner up to the Twin Cities blend in our house and THE best with fresh muffins and bacon. Perfection!

    — Stacie W.

  92. The flavor reminds me of diner coffee, so yes, really great with breakfast! (Even if it just makes me nostalgic)!

    — Samantha S.

  93. I’m working on Birchwood now, have 2 more bags in the waiting. ..I’m in Oregon and it’s our favorite coffee.

    — Lisa H.

  94. As I write this, there’s a pot of Birchwood Breakfast Blend brewing in my kitchen in PA! We couldn’t imagine being quarantined without Peace Coffee!

    — Gail L.

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CENFROCAFE – Central Fronteriza del Norte de Cafetaleros

  • Founded: 2000
  • Farmer Members: 2618

Pangoa – Cooperativa Agraria Cafetalera

  • Founded: 1977
  • Farmer Members: 680
  • Elevation: 1,100 to 2,000 meters

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