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Chemex 6 Cup

Chemex 6 Cup — 


an iconic coffee brewing essential

A favorite among Peace Coffee staff, The Chemex is a simply beautiful way to brew amazing coffee every day. It has been gracing kitchen counters the world over since 1941, proof that sometimes the elegant, practical solution outlasts the all of the gimmicky gadgets. Designed by a chemist to yield a clean, full flavored cup of coffee with no fine grounds or bitterness, the secret is in the thick, specially-designed paper filter. Check out our Chemex Brew Guide below!


  • Manufactured in Massachusetts out of borosilicate glass, the same super-strength glass found in test tubes in labs around the world
  • 30-ounce capacity, enough to share with a few friends or drink solo (we won't judge)
  • Filters are sold separately, buy them here

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