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Three Months of Coffee

Let us select two 12 oz. bags for you each month and see where your mug can take you.

Cupper's Choice
One of the best parts of working at the roastery is hearing the roasters rave about their new favorite roast, and then having them show up at your desk with a cup you simply must try. Consider this subscription our way of sharing the fun. You'll receive whatever inspires our team at the moment—sometimes it'll be the newest offering in our Alchemy Series, or a seasonal blend, or a new partnership. Other times, an old favorite will strike the palate anew and beg to be revisited!

Roasty Toasty
If you prefer your coffee beans on the medium-to-dark side, or if coffee’s part of a comfy morning ritual that warms and wakes you with roasty flavors and maybe a touch of milk, then this is the subscription for you. Our roasters are proud of their craft, and of the care it takes to slowly caramelize the sugars in each bean for a delicious toasty flavor that's sweet, maybe even a little smoky, but never charred.

Zip Zingy
Like to savor the essence of each bean in your cup? If you enjoy the bright, zingy notes of light- to medium-roasted coffees, which allow the aromas of the bean to truly shine through, then this is the subscription for you. At its best, the roasting process is a dialogue between roaster and bean. Careful application of heat elicits the essence of the soil and the season in the coffee to bring you a cup sparkling with the nuance of another place.

Decaf Dark/Decaf Full City Roasts
Coffee is many things beyond just the simple jolt of caffeine—it’s warmth, and ritual, and a source of conversation and connection. This subscription option is perfect for those who love tucking into some brew after dinner or during an evening intermission, without sacrificing their beauty sleep. It’s also for those who, for one circumstance or another, are choosing to abstain from the stimulant train but don’t want to miss out on the pleasures of a well-crafted cup. Choose between the spiced nuts-and-chocolate brownie richness of our Decaf Dark roast; or the s’mores, candied citrus, and golden raisin notes in our Decaf Full City light roast (which—fun fact—once fooled some of our early-morning staffers who mistook it for regular).

Looking for specific selections for your coffee subscription?
Leave us a note in the special instructions or give us call at 612-870-3440 and we will work with you to send your favorite coffee out each month.

When will your subscription arrive?

Subscriptions will ship right away, unless specified otherwise in the notes section during the check out phase of your order. You can then expect the rest of your subscription to arrive at the same time of the month as your original shipment. Expedited shipping is not applicable on subscriptions. Subscriptions are not valid for promotional offers, unless otherwise specified.





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