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Turkish Coffee

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A traditional method rooted deep in the heart of modern coffee culture, Turkish coffee is pleasing as an evening palate cleanser or a perfect compliment to a sweet or two during brunch. Turkish coffee is worth every second it takes to prepare, and is one of the greatest symbols of hospitality in many Middle Eastern countries. Sip this smooth, rich, and sweet coffee slowly and reflect on the timeless history of this fine beverage.

a note before you begin

We are using a traditional Cezve (Turkish coffee pot), but you can make Turkish coffee in a small, narrow saucepan (camping cookware works well). This recipe is for a 16 oz Cezve, but the ratios and brew method can be applied to any size Cezve. For Turkish coffee we prefer 1 part coffee to 12 parts water, so our brew needed 30 grams of coffee for the 350 mL of water (12 fluid ounces).

Turkish Coffee Image

things you'll need

  • Cezve (Turkish coffee pot)
  • Whole bean coffee (we recommend a few roasts below)
  • Coffee grinder
  • Filtered water
  • Unrefined cane sugar (demerara or turbinado)
  • Turkish coffee cups
things you'll want
  • Digital scale
  • Quality burr grinder
  • Turkish coffee spices (cardamom, cinnamon, allspice, etc)
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step 1: prepare coffee

  • Aquire fresh roasted whole bean coffee and measure out approximately 1 rounded tbsp. per 4 fluid ounces of water
  • If using a scale, weigh your coffee to your desired brew ratio
  • Grind your coffee very finely, to an espresso consistency resembling powdered sugar
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step 2: heat water

  • Set your Cezve on the heating source
  • Add 12 fl oz water and heat to a boil, turn off the heat let the water cool slightly
  • Alternatively, you may add 12 fl oz of pre-boiled water from another vessel
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step 3: add coffee

  • Add ground coffee to the Cezve and stir the surface gently so that there are no clumps
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step 4: add sugar

  • Add 3 tsp cane sugar to the Cezve and stir the surface gently until it is dissolved, we prefer 1 tsp per serving
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step 5: add spices

  • Add spices to the Cezve and stir the surface gently until they are absorbed, we prefer 1 pinch (1/4 tsp) per serving
  • Stir the entire mixture gently before proceeding, making sure to scrape the sides of the Cezve and wait 3 additional minutes
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step 6: heat again

  • Turn the heat on to medium-low and wait for the brew to come back up to temp
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step 7: keep watch

  • The sides of the brew will begin to simmer, carefully stir the surface to break up any clumps and prevent a 'puck' from forming
  • Watch the flame as boilovers can happen easily and are quite messy
  • When the entire brew begins to boil and the surface is free of any sediment, remove from the heat
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step 8: cool down

  • Once cooled, ensure the coffee grounds have settled on the bottom of the Cezve and make sure your cups are in place
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step 9: serve and enjoy

  • Serve the coffee by pouring slowly and keeping the Cezve at a 45º angle, this will prevent grounds from making their way into the cups
  • It's customary to serve Turkish coffee with extra sweetener on the side, along with water to serve as a palate cleanser

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