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Summer... time to bike, hike, swim, goof off... and savor the yummy goodness of iced Peace Coffee! In this edition of Peace Spokes, Anna explains why Lee and Ivoire's trip to Guatemala had to be canceled (it involves a gigantic sinkhole!); Andrew offers a challenge to Declare Your Food Independence on July 4th; and we meet Justin Young, our new intern and King o' the Bike. Justin also brings us got two great spotlight interviews with members of the Peace Coffee Racing Team. Oh, and in the Roaster's Corner, Keith spills the beans about the goings on at this year's Coffee Fest. It's an issue I think you'll like, so buckle up, grab an iced Yeti (or a Brazilian roast in honor of the World Cup) and read on...

by Anna Canning, Peace Coffee Project Manager

At the end of May, our Queen Bean, Lee, and roasting champ Ivoire were packing up their bags to follow up on 2010 harvest season in Guatemala with our producer partners at Apecaform, Chajul, and Rio Azul. Just as they were preparing to board their plane, a series of disasters hit the region.  The volcano Pacaya exploded, causing cascades of ashes to rain down on surrounding communities. Then only two days later, tropical storm Agatha made landfall, unleashing torrential rains. While the area is accustomed to an annual rainy season, these rains hit hard and fast, with several feet of water falling in a single day. Mudslides, flooding, and washed out bridges in every part of the country; in a surreal twist, a giant (30 story), cylindrical sinkhole opened up in Guatemala City, engulfing an entire office building. Across the country, the damage is being estimated as worse than that sustained in 2005’s hurricane Stan.

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Newsletter Special - 15% off your entire order.

by Andrew Ranallo, Communications Assistant, IATP

Roger Doiron, founder of Kitchen Gardeners International (KGI), and current IATP Food and Society Fellow, is well-known for KGI's "Eat the View" campaign that helped to bring an organic garden to the lawn of the White House. Now KGI, with help from the IATP Food and Society Fellows, is pushing for food independence this July 4.

The goal of the petition, according to the press release, is "50 states. 50 governors. 50 first families celebrating July 4 with locally sourced food," in order to inspire their constituents to "source local and sustainable ingredients for their holiday meals."

The petition is available at Including last year’s signatures, more than 6,000 have already signed but many more are needed. To show your support, organizers encourage four steps:

  1. Show your support for locally grown foods by becoming a fan of Food Independence Day on Facebook
  2. Invite 4 (4 as in July 4th) friends to join the page
  3. Sign the Declaration of Food Independence (6000+ food revolutionaries and counting!)
  4. Add your July 4th local foods feast to the group map 

So this year, declare your food independence and show support for locally sourced, sustainable, healthy and delicious foods!

Andrew Ranallo is the Communications Assistant at IATP. He kind of wants a vuvuzela of his very own.

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Hello, I am Justin Young, Peace Coffee’s new intern and bike related affairs specialist, official title "Bike Apostle," "Bike Advocate," "King of the Bike," or what have you. I recently joined the company and am involved with bike events, marketing, e-newsletters, and social media. In addition, I interpret and contribute to brand development, which will ultimately build a stronger bridge between Peace Coffee Racing and Peace Coffee.

I have just completed my undergraduate degree in business administration (B.B.S.) (emphasis in marketing) and minor in psychology at the University Of Wisconsin Green-Bay's Austin E. Cofrin School of Business.

Before college, I grew up in Roseville, MN, and attended Roseville Area High School, graduating in 2005. I was involved with student council, band (played the bassoon), the student newspaper as a photographer, cross country running, cross country skiing, and track.

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by Justin Young, Peace Coffee Intern and Bike Apostle

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with both Jennifer Nowlin and Michael McBurney of the Peace Coffee Racing Team and ask them a few questions about cycling, Peace Coffee and what motivates them.

Jennifer is off to a great start to her mountain biking season competing in the Minnesota Mountain Bike Series, which is now underway. At the Freewheel Frolic in Inver Grove Heights, MN, Jennifer finished 6th place overall in the expert (CAT 1) class and 1st in her age group of 19 to 35 years old. She followed that result with another 6th place overall in the expert (CAT 1) class and 2nd in her age group at the Life Time Avalanche in Afton, MN. She is a Radio Frequency Engineer (say that 10 times fast!) involved in technical sales and manages a team of sales engineers for Verizon Wireless. She is married and has three boys (5, 3, and 1 years old). Jennifer originally hails from Milwaukee, WI, where she worked in a family-owned construction business.

There are few mountain bikers in the Midwest brimming with potential like Michael. With two races under his belt this season on the Minnesota Mountain Bike Series he is turning some heads! At the Freewheel Frolic, Michael finished 17th overall in the expert (CAT 1) class and 1st in his age group of 15 to 18 (oh yeah, did I mention he is only 18?). The following race, Lifetime Avalanche at Afton Alps, he finished an astonishing 4th place overall in the expert (CAT 1) class and 1st in his age group again, while riding faster than last years U23 National Champion by nearly a minute. Michael is a high school student at Roseville Area High School and will be a senior in the fall of the 2010-2011 school year. He is a multi-sport athlete competing in Cross Country Running, Track and Mountain Biking. He also plays the piano and viola. He is a very charismatic and energetic and tries to live life to the fullest by making the best of every opportunity.

JY: Tell us about your experience racing with Peace Coffee Racing (PCR).
JN: I began racing with Peace Coffee in July 2008 as an expert racer. Peace Coffee is the only team I have been affiliated with since I began racing. I have enjoyed getting to know my fellow teammates immensely, the support from Peace Coffee people & families and the strength of the team overall.
MM: PCR is really a fun team to be a part of! The team is really supportive and is full of fun and friendly people. I so enjoy the teams sharing of after race victories, mishaps and the camaraderie.

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by Keith Tomlinson, Peace Coffee Head Roaster

Coffee Fest is a traveling trade show. It occurs in three cities each year, and to the best of my knowledge this is the first time it has come to Minneapolis. It focuses mainly on existing and opening retail spaces: cafes, coffee shops, espresso bars, etc. It took place over the weekend of June 3 – 6th.The really great thing for me about having it in our city is that it gives us all a reason to pause and enjoy the coffee culture that we have here in the Twin Cities. It was a weekend of seeing colleagues, getting to know people better, meeting people I've long admired, and meeting new people that I now admire, all built around a passion for coffee.

Our booth on the trade show floor was where I spent the majority of my time. Espresso Partners, and equipment and service provider helped to connect us with a stunning espresso machine for our booth, the La Marzocco GB5 two group paddle.

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World Cup mania has hit Peace Coffee! We’re rooting for Brazil as they try for what would be their 6th title and we want to bring you along. Whether you call it soccer or football, we’re offering you our incredibly tasty and unique Brazilian coffee for a special fanatic's price of $7.99 per pound until the final game is played. If they win, we’ll offer a celebratory price of $6 bucks a pound and wave their flag down the streets of Minneapolis. If they lose, we’ll be crying in our coffee. To get your discount, just order our Brazilian coffee.

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"I'm a rock star because I couldn't be a soccer star."

~ Rod Stewart

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