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The opportunity to make a difference is what drew many of us to our jobs at Peace Coffee. Working for more than just a paycheck feels good. The people at Lifeworks, a local nonprofit organization that finds meaningful work and social opportunities for adults with disabilities, think so too. So when they contacted us about employing their personnel, our ears perked up. We were interested. But, we were also fully staffed. Fast forward a few months. Demand for our 12-oz bags of coffee was growing, and our staff was spending an increasing amount of time labeling individual bags for distribution. We decided it was time to call Lifeworks.

In March 2009, a team of Lifeworks staffers began labeling our bags. Five or six associates work two to four days a month, labeling approximately 1,500 bags of coffee each day. They do a fantastic job and have become an important part of our team. Like the rest of our staff, they often get a bag of coffee to take home.  Even though no one on the Lifeworks team drinks coffee, it's always gone to good use with friends and family.    

At Peace Coffee, we love to see people who are happy to be doing their jobs. And we see a lot of happy faces here, including those of our Lifeworks staff. That could be in part because they work near our roasters and get a prime view of Keith's air guitar shows, Randy's fine karaoke, and Ivoire zipping by with a cart of green beans. And when things get quiet, there's always J'von, their Service Facilitator, to tease.  But we think it's also because they enjoy their work.

If you're looking to hire hardworking, reliable staff for clerical tasks, warehouse work or a variety of other positions, we highly recommend considering Lifeworks staffers. It's a great way to meet your business needs while also making a difference in the lives of people with disabilities. To learn more, call Jean Grossman at 651-365-3713 or visit

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