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Ah... the good ol' summertime... and conditions are (more or less) perfect for the Peace Crew to hit the roads and trails! In this edition of Peace Spokes, we start our new Meet the Peace Coffee Racers series with a Q&A with Janet Atkinson (see her in action above). We report on the New Belgium Brewery's Tour De Fat festivities and list some upcoming bike events. And we pose some questions to our intrepid bike delivery team, Sam and Meagan. That plus a new Roaster's Corner and Crafty Corner make for an interesting issue. So pour yourself a tasty beverage, pull up a chair and read on...

Whether it's flying down a rocky hillside on a mountain bike, mixing it up in the peloton, or pushing the limits of endurance in a triathlon, Peace Coffee Racers are there, setting the pace. From group rides to world championship events, the PCR crew has logged some serious miles, seen a few podiums, and spread the gospel of a fully-caffeinated outdoor lifestyle along the way. This month’s featured Peace Coffee Racer is Janet Atkinson, a 36-year-old sport class mountain bike racer.

When did you start riding?
I started riding regularly when I was training for a Figure competition in 2006. (Figure is a category of bodybuilding for women with the goal of building a symmetrical, lean physique without being overly muscular). Cardio in the gym gets old pretty quick. Being on the bike was a great way to do some low impact cardio outdoors. So I joined my husband on mountain bike rides until I learned basic skills and built the confidence to ride alone. When I got closer to the competition, I backed off mountain biking. But the following spring, I was back on my mountain bike and spending more time in the saddle because I loved it so much.


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A few years ago some folks from New Belgium Brewery stopped by our roastery for a tour. They were in town for the release of their beer in the state of Minnesota. Up until then New Belgium Beer fans had to cross two state lines to Illinois to get their Fat Tire fix. Since they hit the Minnesota beer market, fans have been asking them when the infamous Tour De Fat would roll into our town. Finally after almost three years of anticipation the Tour De Fat arrived!

On Saturday July 18, hundreds of bicyclists wearing prom dresses, boas, Viking hats & other crazy costumes ascended on Parade Athletic Fields for a full day of bike related festivities. "This day is really about talking to people about getting out of their cars and on their bikes," says the event’s director, Meredith Giske, dressed in a tire hoop skirt, wig and big sunglasses. Each year the Tour de Fat travels to 11 cities throughout the U.S. It is free to participants, and all beer and merchandise proceeds go to local non-profits. On the Minneapolis stop the benefiting organizations were the Midtown Greenway Coalition, MORC (Minnesota Off Road Cycling) and the Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota. Despite the chilly weather and grey skies above, people still showed up for this philanthropic cycling circus, raising a total of 12,000 dollars for these great bicycle organizations.

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The bike deliverer’s position at Peace Coffee has always been the most coveted and sought-after job. Currently Meagan O’Brien & Sam Timmreck make up our dynamic delivery duo! Together they pedal Peace Coffee to accounts, big and small, throughout the Twin Cities. We’ve asked them to answer a few questions about their job to give us a sense of what fuels them to bike for a living!

Here’s what they had to say:

When did you start bike delivering for Peace Coffee?

Sam: I started towards the beginning of March (2009). I just recently celebrated my four month anniversary.

Meagan: Since October 2008. Before that I was a Peace Coffee roaster.

What do you like most about your job?

Sam: I like the pace. Compared to driving, human powered transportation, like bicycle riding, is on a scale much more appropriate for cultivating a sense of every-day presence. I feel very appreciative that I get to really sense the uniqueness of each day; be it the weather, the people I come across, the flowers in bloom, or how my body is reacting to the demands of riding with a heavy load. In general, I feel incredibly lucky to have a job that allows such attention to my surroundings.

Meagan: Walking into work on a nice day knowing I'm going to turn around and go right back outside. And being able to eat all the ice cream I want.

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Sue Murphy, Peace Coffee's crafter extraordinaire, surprised us this month with a burlap yoga mat shoulder bag. It is a simple design but she embellished it with some Peace Coffee stickers and a bright orange zipper. She reused our one pound coffee bag by turning it into to a pocket with a zipper to fit a gym card, emergency cash and a bike key. She was also smart in adding mesh netting on both ends of the bag to help air out the mat after use. This bag has already traveled its way over to a few yoga classes at the Midtown YWCA just down the street from our roastery!

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You'll look sharp in our new Peace Coffee bike t-shirt designed by NE Minneapolis artist Miss Amy Jo. Buy one or anything else on our website and get 15% off your entire order (before shipping charges are added). Just enter BikeLove in the Promo Box at checkout.

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Ugandan Peaberry

Derek’s profile: A  big, layered, and complex coffee with a clean and heavy body.
Roast Level: Light
Acidity: Medium-high
Body: Heavy
Aroma: Lemon, caramel, spice, molasses and berry
Flavor Descriptors: Cocoa, malt, berry butter and bergamot

I am pleased to introduce our next quarterly coffee selection: the Ugandan Peaberry. Located south-west of Ethiopia it is our first opportunity to roast and sell a new origin from East Africa through Cooperative Coffees, our importing cooperative. We were introduced to the farming cooperative of Gumutindo through the like-minded Twin Trading Ltd. out of the United Kingdom. Gumutindo, representing over 6,000 farmers, has been in operation since 1998, exporting Fair Trade coffee since 2003, transitioning farmers to organic practices over the last decade. Agriculture accounts for over 80 percent of Uganda’s exports and coffee is their number one export. The coffee from Gumutindo is farmed mostly on and around Mount Elgon.

The peaberry part of a coffee is simply this: typically when a coffee tree produces fruit, within that fruit two different seeds form. Those two seeds form the shape that most people recognize as coffee, flat on one side and rounded on the other. Every once in a while a fruit will only develop one seed that is smaller and fully round. These have been historically sorted out and roasted separately. While there is no guarantee that they are any better in quality when compared to the other coffee from those trees, there is definitely a different flavor profile associated with them. As roasters it is exciting for us to have our first opportunity to roast exclusively peaberry coffee.

Derek, our quality control manager, has put a lot of work into developing and tweaking the roast profile for this selection. Both of us were instantly blown away by the depth of flavor and mouth-feel (the way the coffee coats your mouth and its overall viscosity) associated with this coffee. Given the inherent versatility of this coffee we were left with a lot of decisions. Where we ended up was on the lighter side of things, but we really wanted to focus on balancing out the great depth of character within the cup, so Derek went with a longer roast profile than we would normally use to exemplify the acidic character in the coffee. What we ended up with was a very exciting, well balanced and unique cup of coffee. The mouth-feel is my favorite part, but perhaps that is because it reminds me so much of butter. Please enjoy.



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"Bikes are fun. And they’re good for us -- our pocketbooks, our health and the environment."

~ Meredith Giske aka Clunkerbell, New Belgium Brewery’s Events Director

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