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The bike deliverer’s position at Peace Coffee has always been the most coveted and sought-after job. Currently Meagan O’Brien & Sam Timmreck make up our dynamic delivery duo! Together they pedal Peace Coffee to accounts, big and small, throughout the Twin Cities. We’ve asked them to answer a few questions about their job to give us a sense of what fuels them to bike for a living!

Here’s what they had to say:

When did you start bike delivering for Peace Coffee?

Sam: I started towards the beginning of March (2009). I just recently celebrated my four month anniversary.

Meagan: Since October 2008. Before that I was a Peace Coffee roaster.

What do you like most about your job?

Sam: I like the pace. Compared to driving, human powered transportation, like bicycle riding, is on a scale much more appropriate for cultivating a sense of every-day presence. I feel very appreciative that I get to really sense the uniqueness of each day; be it the weather, the people I come across, the flowers in bloom, or how my body is reacting to the demands of riding with a heavy load. In general, I feel incredibly lucky to have a job that allows such attention to my surroundings.

Meagan: Walking into work on a nice day knowing I'm going to turn around and go right back outside. And being able to eat all the ice cream I want.

What is your favorite delivery route and why?

Sam: This is a hard question. Some routes are just plain pleasant. Other routes are less pleasant, but with stops that give me treats! Some routes are challenging--sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a crummy way, depending on how I'm feeling. I guess if I had to pick a route that is most reliably enjoyable, it would be my Wednesday morning ride to Whole Foods Minneapolis and YUM! Bakery in St. Louis Park. It's a flat, uninterrupted ride down the greenway, culminating with a very consistently scrumptious and calorie-laden day-old pastry from the friendly folks at YUM!

Meagan: I love the Seward neighborhood route because, well, the people are friendly and there aren't any hills. But I also love the route that takes me up the Franklin hill, way up Como and around the Saint Paul U of M campus. It's a bear going up, but coming down is sure fun.

What is the most challenging part of your job?

Sam: Whipping winds and heavy hauls.

Meagan: Taking care of myself well enough so that I feel up to the challenge every single day.

How many cups of coffee do you drink a day? What's your favorite Peace Coffee brew?

Sam: I usually have a cup when I get to work. Also, I often have 1-2 shots of espresso every day. Blue Ox Blend is my probably my favorite.

Meagan: It probably averages out to about a 1/4 C a day.  I wish it were more but my body doesn't handle caffeine well.  I really like Blue Ox Blend and the Peruvian last quarter was delicious, too.

What do you eat for lunch during the work week?

Sam: This varies wildly from day to day. I usually pack a Tupperware of leftovers from the night before along with a couple of fruit or vegetable selections. I will often buy a cookie on my route somewhere. Sometimes I break down and buy a burrito from the Mexican restaurant down the street.

Meagan: Which lunch?  First lunch is usually some dried fruit with cheese and crackers or a doughnut if I'm lucky. Second lunch is typical fare - dinner leftovers.  There is also the third lunch in winter which would be anything hot and substantial. This, of course, does not include breakfast or dinner.

What are your top five tips for biking in the Twin Cities?

1. Wear a helmet and have lights for night riding.
2. Get a bike that is primarily comfortable and secondarily fast.
3. Go on really adventurous rides... try to get lost. This is how you learn shortcuts and fun out-of-the way things.
4. Spend at least SOME money on winter clothing so that you'll be more comfortable and thus ride more.
5. Sing, make up songs, and recite soliloquies, etc. while you ride.

1.Don't be afraid, take the space you need with confidence.  You have a right to the road, too.
 *  Wool  * 
2. Ride at least once in the middle of winter, you might just love it. 
*  Wool  * 
3. Get a trailer.  Even a small one vastly expands your cycling possibilities. 
* Wool*
4. Be thankful for all the bike routes we have.  Use them.  We're awfully lucky. 
* And did I mention wool?  * 
5. Oh, and wear a helmet, for crying out loud.

How long do you plan on biking for Peace Coffee?

Sam: I plan on biking until my body doesn't allow it anymore.

Meagan: As long as my knees let me.

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