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Yes, I Voted!
The election's over and if you voted (no matter who you voted for), give yourself a pat on the back. You've participated in the democratic process, which is the only way that we can really make change in Washington. But we've been so busy at Peace Coffee that we've hardly even had time to process the election results. Not only are we still in the throes of expansion, but we've also been out and about doing a ton of events. And we're featuring a new seasonal coffee -- Ethiopian Sidamo -- just in time for Lee's impending two-week visit to Ethiopia. In this edition of Peace Spokes, we recap our recent activities, Keith offers part two of his Peru article and we give a couple of suggestions for stretching your dollars in a tough economy. We've also got a new Roaster's Corner and this month's winning photos in the "What I See On My Daily Bike Ride" contest. Brew a pot of your favorite Peace Coffee, relax and read on...

A New Path in Peru (Part Two)
by Keith Tomlinson, Peace Coffee Head Roaster

Products from Cepicafe on display in Piura, PeruIt has been nearly six months since I was in Peru. A lot has changed since then. I've written one article, and I've given a public presentation about my trip at Common Roots Café. Peace Coffee has been through an expansion, and we now have a second roasting machine that roasts around three times the amount of coffee we were able to roast before. The mere act of being able to write this during the day in mid-November is evidence of such major changes. Last year at this time I was starting to roast at 5 AM and the machine would not be turned off until nearly 8 PM. Now, both roasters begin at 7 AM and are quiet by around 1 in the afternoon. Starting in October we were going to have a dry-processed coffee from the northwestern Chanchaque region of Peru. Unfortunately, and this is unfortunate for many reasons, there was abnormal rainfall there this year during the harvest season making it difficult for the coffee to dry. So, for the end of the year and the first quarter of next year, we will be highlighting our Ethiopian Sidamo and in the second quarter we will realize my long-running dream of a single origin Peru from Cenfrocafe.

In my last installment of my Peru newsletter story, I talked about my trip up to the mountains, meeting Lucia Zurita-Zurita, and the work we did with Cenfrocafe. Cenfrocafe was one of two cooperatives that we visited while in northern Peru. Cepicafe is the other. Cepicafe is significant to Peace Coffee in two main ways. First, they are the organization through which Cenfrocafe originally exported their coffee and thus were the exporting agent through which we were purchasing Cenfrocafe's coffee. Since then, Cenfrocafe has begun brokering their exporting. Second, Cepicafe was the association that we were working with to get the aforementioned dry-processed coffee. Cepicafe's historic importance however cannot be understated, nor can their future and the many diverse projects on which they are currently working.


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Creative Ways to Save $$$
Tough economic times call for creative solutions. Here are two ways to save a few bucks from the Peace Coffee crew:

Shadowlands1) Discount on Guthrie Tickets

Now through November 30th, Peace Coffee newsletter readers can  SAVE $10 on tickets to Shadowlands at the Guthrie Theater! The Regular ticket price is $29 - $60, but with this special, your price will be $19 - $50. Shadowlands is the story of world-renowned writer and professor C.S. Lewis, who is unmarried and leads a gentleman's life filled with intellectual pursuits. When he begins a correspondence with American fan and poet Joy Gresham, who possesses a strange candor and familiarity with Lewis, he becomes captivated by her outspokenness and warmth and agrees to a meeting. An unlikely friendship develops between the two and --  like a character in one of his stories -- Lewis' world is turned upside down as he experiences a love he's never known before. But as their romance deepens, a terrible twist of fate reveals a tragic truth for Lewis: a heart awakened to great love is made vulnerable to great pain. Check out the Guthrie Theater website for more information.

Call the Guthrie Box Office at (612) 377-2224 and mention "A55" to receive this discount. This offer is not valid online, with other offers, or on previously purchased tickets.

Yvonne the Yeti knows how to save money with the Blue Sky Guide2) The Best Deals in Town... Seriously ....

Pick up a Blue Sky Guide online or at a local retailer. The Blue Sky Guide is a one-of-a-kind resource -- a coupon book, a directory, a source of ideas and inspiration. It's your guide to living well and having fun in the Twin Cities region (if you leave elsewhere, check out to see if your city has a similar coupon book or to receive online discounts). With the Blue Sky Guide, you can save hundreds of dollars while exploring the community and supporting local, sustainable businesses. Over 300 valuable coupons make this the largest book yet. Businesses with coupons include grocery, dining, entertainment, travel, garden and home, with the total savings adding up to over $3,000! For example, you can get 2 dollars off a pound of Peace Coffee anywhere it is sold. You'll find more information and savings on the EcoMetro website.

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Fall Event Wrap Up
Whew, we’ve been busy! Here are just a few of the fall events Peace Coffee has been involved with:

1) Peace Coffee donated coffee to a ton of events over the past few months. Many of these events were hosted by students groups like Minnesota Public Interest Research Group, MPRIG, on campuses promoting Fair Trade via presentations, Black Gold movie screenings or by simply offering up a cup of Fair Trade coffee.

2) We provided coffee for Get Out the Vote operations in high voter turn out neighborhoods. People that had to stand in line waiting to vote stayed warm with a cup of hot Peace Coffee in their hands.

3) We donated coffee to the Willow River State Park Clean up. Volunteers picked up trash, cleared brush and pruned branches along a multi use trail. The area is a very popular climbing area and also great for hiking and cross-country skiing.

4) Kolyn Kirkham, one of the Peace Coffee Racers, has been brewing up coffee for riders at the Minnesota Cyclocross Rider of the Year Series. Once he sets out the coffee self serve style at the race he suits up in his Peace Coffee uniform and jumps on his bike to compete.

Promoting Peace Coffee on college campuses Serving up Peace Coffee at Get Out the Vote operations Kolyn jumping a board The Peace Coffee crew helps out with the Willow River State Park cleanup

To keep up to date on future events become a Peace Coffee Fan on Facebook and receive updates about where we are gonna be (aka where can you get free cup of coffee!).

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Roaster's Corner
by Keith Tomlinson, Peace Coffee Head Roaster

SidamoDerek and I have been singularly cupping dark roasted coffees for almost a month and a half now. Our new roasting machine is making us both believers in the power of a nice sweet dark roast. But we paused for a moment to take in one of our lightest and certainly one of our most unique roasts. We use Sidamo all over the place, but only in blends and rarely do we drink it in its own right. Yirgacheffe long ago won the distinction of being our Ethiopian single origin offering, one that it deserves. Because of our history with Sidamo, we had certain expectations of the coffee as we went in to cup it and profile it as a single cup of coffee. For both of us though, many of those expectations turned out to be dead wrong. For a light roast, its finish was surprisingly smoky and full of tobacco, its acidity wasn't nearly as prominent, but was instead much more subtle and dynamic, reminiscent of a dry wine. Typical of a Sidamo, there was some blueberry in the aroma, but more that that, there was orange peel and jasmine. As the industry continues forward and we continue to explore terroir or coffee, I humbly present to you one of the best coffees that I have ever tasted, with much of the taste originating from where it was grown, how it was grown and how it was processed. We merely help it along, roasting it just dark enough to be palatable and let the bean do the rest of the talking. Enjoy.

Cheers, Keith

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Newsletter Special
This month, try our seasonal Ethiopian Sidamo or order anything from our website and get a 15% discount off your entire order (before shipping charges are added). Just enter PSNov2008 in the Promo Box at checkout.

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Daily Ride Photo Contest!
We run an ad in Ready Made magazine asking readers to submit photos of things they saw on their daily bike rides. Our favorite submission(s) will be featured in the following month's ad and the winner receives both a pound of Peace Coffee and wool bike socks!

This month's winning submission comes from Morgan LeMasters. The photos were taken in Huntington, West Virginia, where Morgan lives and works.

Soul Reflections in a Puddle Streamers in the Sky

Would you like the chance to be one of the winners included in our next Ready Made ad? Send pictures of what you see on your bike rides to

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Quote of the Month
"The citizen can bring our political and governmental institutions back to life, make them responsive and accountable, and keep them honest. No one else can."

~John Gardner

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