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A Video Message From Karla

The coffee farmer behind our first-ever Microlot

What’s a microlot, you ask? It’s a small-batch that is traceable to a coffee harvest of a specific farmer partner. Karla and her farm, Finca Planeta Verde, is part of the COSMA Cooperative in Marcala, Honduras. We have been farmer partners with COMSA since 2014. Karla’s passion for quality coffee and commitment to sustainability and community made it a natural fit for our first-ever microlot. We can’t wait to bring back her coffee again in late Summer 2024!

For Karla, coffee creates community

She is a third-generation coffee farmer and a former staff member of COSMA. Karla and her family find coffee-growing incredibly rewarding, sharing, “…how motivating it is to feel the breeze at the foot of the mountain, to enjoy nature’s beauty listening to birdsong, and see animals such as squirrels and guatusas side by side with coffee trees. The experience is unmatched.”

Karla is the mother of four daughters and is strongly valued as a member of her community. She believes in using the best processing techniques to ensure the highest quality coffee and pays meticulous attention to detail. We got to see this level of dedication up close and personal when we visited COSMA Cooperatives in 2019.

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