Winter Warmer

December 1, 2014

Winter has arrived. Even if the sun is waiting a few weeks to make it official, the status updates of our collective boots leave no doubt as to the season. There’s plenty to be said about our long, cold, dark winters, but cozy comfort food and tasty winter warmers are high points we can all agree on.

This week our coffee shops release an exciting round of drinks for the winter and the upcoming holiday season inspired by the classics. Stop by for a little something to warm you up whether you’ve been snow shoveling or shopping!

Noggy and Nice: This is our take on the now-ubiquitous eggnog latte. It’s easy for the super creamy nog to overpower the subtler flavors of coffee. To give the coffee space to shine, our baristas deconstructed the drink, serving up a shot of espresso with a creamy glass of eggnog, each with a shaving of fresh nutmeg. Take the espresso first, down it as a chaser, or sip in alternation—you just may need to go back for more to confirm the best dosage.

Grasshopper Mocha: Crunchy candy canes are a classic of the season. We’ve distilled them to their essence using real, organic housemade peppermint syrup playing off our mocha base in a drink that hits all the seasonal notes.

Fireside Chat: This is the last of our seasonal drinks, making its return by popular demand. Drops of orange oil and clove syrup spice up an americano. The crema of a double shot of espresso makes a drink that’s so rich and luscious, you might not believe it’s vegan. Even if it’s snowing outside again, your core temperature is sure to go up a degree or two.


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Published by Peace Coffee on December 1, 2014.

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