Summer in your glass

June 30, 2017

Summertime and we’re thinking about drinking…

Delicious cold beverages, of the caffeinated variety. And no, we are not talking about drinks to pump you up, keep you awake all night, or get you amped. We mean delicately crafted, sippable signs of summer. Drinks to enjoy in the sun and make the best of our most hospitable of seasons! This year’s lineup includes:

Chai Pop!

Somewhere between the flavors of cola and ginger beer is our new fizzy summer drink, the Chai Pop! As one of our most obvious Minnesota colloquialisms, aside from Uff Da and You Betcha, Pop is the proper name for carbonated drinks up this way. We’ve taken Rishi Tea’s Masala Chai and added some summer sparkle. Lightly spiced and refreshing, order it sweet for a poppin’ pick-me-up or unsweet for a straightforward flip of flavor.

The Nilsson

Bringing the lime and the coconut together since this drink’s namesake release in 1971, or at least since we found a deep love for shakeratos, typically made with lemon, and thought what if we flipped it and brought in some zingy lime? The Nilsson is a shakerato that combines Wonderland Park espresso, a housemade lime and coconut syrup, and Bittercube Jamaican bitters in a cocktail fit for Nilsson Schmilsson. Shaken with ice in the perfect amount of time to put the lime in the coconut and strained into a collins glass. Served up with a little island beach flare to whisk you away on a caffeinated cruise.

Black Lemonade Brûlée

Back by popular demand is last year’s runaway favorite, the Black Lemonade Brûlée. We caramelize sugar, add Yeti cold press and reduce it down to a dark, delicious syrup. The syrup joins fresh-squeezed lemon juice and sparkling water and voila, cold press meets lemonade in a sparkly pool of sweet goodness. Likened to the chocolatey center of a tootsie pop, this drink has been available on our secret menu since last fall.

Don’t forget to try our seasonal lemonades, all made in house with fresh organic fruit!! Ask your barista about the flavor of the moment.

Stop by any of our locations to try these summer specials, and stay refreshed all summer long!

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Published by Peace Coffee on June 30, 2017.

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