State Fair by the Numbers

September 15, 2011

It sounds a little like the beginning of a perplexing word problem: If one member of our intrepid events team started setting out cups of coffee at 8:55am on August 25th and she laid 267 cups per hour, 12 days later at 9pm, how far would she have gotten?

Turns out, it’s a trick question.  Had she done it alone, she would have left a trail of cups 1.52 miles long before she collapsed exhausted somewhere on Como Avenue. However, we were lucky enough to have 52 volunteers to help with the setting out of cups and 38,450 fair goers to drink them up as fast as we could set them out. Labor Day found our team still standing at our table in the Progress Center–320 pounds of coffee lighter, but with a few thousand new friends to show for it.   

In their spare time, the events team (or Department of Disco as we sometimes call them for their ability to bring the party anywhere, any time in mere minutes) compiled list of highlights from the MN State Fair:

Best Food: There’s no picking a favorite food at the fair, but we ate lots of beef jerky, cheese curds, sweet corn ice cream, jalapeno poppers stuffed with cheese and andouille sausage, and far too many pronto pups.  

Best un-dinner after a double shift:  Foxy Falafel samples.

Cutest thing: A piglet squealing for his mother (in the birth center).

Most entertaining: The llama costume competition, hands down.

Craziest hat: Gander Mountain’s Pheasant Hat.

Best fair food pairing with our coffee:  Mini doughnuts, Funnel Cake or Sweet Maria’s Cookies.

Cutest pair of volunteers: Mel’s parents (see the photo at the top of this newsletter!) 

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