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Spring is on it’s way, and as the new season drifts in on the wings of our favorite pollinators we’ve been busy dreaming up a few dandy drinks to welcome it. Every year in the first weeks of February we sit down over espressos (okay, maybe a few bottles of War & Peace too) and try to capture the spirit of spring in caffeinated-liquid form. On those nights, we’re reminded how this season is abuzz with brightness and light as the earth awakes from its, albeit unusually short this year, winter’s nap. It’s the buzzing, caffeinated or otherwise, of spring that is our inspiration for favorites like the Roman Holiday and newcomers like the Fleur de Menthe.

Fleur de Menthe

Spring is the season all creatures great and small emerge to take up residence in your lawn or a nearby field. Memories of grasshoppers jumping through prairie grasses inspired this rosily caffeinated twist on the cocktail of the same name. The Fleur de Menthe is made with our Yeti Cold Press, milk (think café au lait) and a house-made rosewater & mint syrup. For chilly spring mornings, order it hot and we’ll steam our Yeti Cold Press with milk and our subtly sweet Fleur De Menthe syrup. As the weather warms, order it cold for a shaken version that’s poured over ice; quite perfect for spring sippin!

Penny Lane

The folks in Great Britain had it right when they chose tea as their national drink. And springtime is the best season to enjoy Her Majesty’s beverage, perhaps on a stroll down a certain road in Liverpool? Though we can’t deliver this drink to our friends in London, we’re mixing up some jolly old English tea as the perfect compliment to puddle splashing in spring showers (or watching them from the window), the Penny Lane. A tea latte made with Rishi Earl Grey steeped with dried lavender flowers and sweetened with simple syrup.

Roman Holiday

The great Billy Joel pleaded, don’t go changin, and we agree! The now-classic signature drink of spring at Peace Coffee is the Roman Holiday. An expertly extracted shot of espresso muddled with candied lemon zest shaken with ice and cream. Served up in a cocktail glass, it drinks like a Sunday drive down the western coast of Italy in full bloom. Simple and silky smooth, there’s good reason this drink keeps showing up on our spring menu.

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Published by Peace Coffee on February 28, 2017.

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