Peace Pedaling

September 8, 2014

Peace Coffee delivers via bike to our local wholesale accounts wherever possible.  Every day, in any weather, they’ll be out hauling 350 lb. trailers across Minneapolis and St. Paul to deliver beans without a drop of gasoline.

Our commitment to bike delivery started in the early days of our business: Before we could afford a delivery vehicle, it was simply more fun to hop on a bike with some beans than to toss them into the back seat of a car.

We continue to keep the fun in what we do every day, but our bike delivery program has evolved from an idealistic folly into a serious program: two full-time bikers hit the streets every day to ride the equivalent of half way ’round the world in the course of a year and deliver a whopping 40 percent of the coffee we sell. If you’re in Minneapolis or St. Paul, check with us to see if you’re eligible for free pedal-powered delivery!

Sorry, we don’t do home delivery yet, but check here to find Peace Coffee near enough to make a run in your pajamas. Or click here to buy online without having to get out of your pajamas!

*If you like bikes and coffee as much as we do, consider the team we sponsor. A friendly group of all ages, they promise to cheer first-time riders as loudly as the old champs.


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Published by Peace Coffee on September 8, 2014.

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