Hangin’ at the State Fair

August 15, 2011

It’s State Fair time again! Our events team is all abuzz for our biggest event of the year — last year we gave out over 42,000 cups of coffee!  It’s not just big for us: we checked the numbers and, in terms of daily attendance numbers, Minnesota throws the biggest state fair of all the 50 states!* We think that calls for a little local pride, so this year we’ll be brewing up our Twin Cities Blend and introducing our new coffee shop. The theme is fitting: Our Wonderland Park location takes its name from the amusement park that used to be located just outside our door.

Once you’re queasy from whirling over at the Midway, stop by to sample our amusement park! While we can’t promise we’ll have an old-timey Shoot-the-Chutes ride, we’ll give you a three ring circus show, Wonderland Park style!   We’ll be there all day every day (that’s 9am-9pm, from August 25- September 5th, if it’s not already on your calendar), joined by our friends from the Minnesota Oxfam Action Corps who are working on a new campaign advocating for growing more food more fairly and more sustainably. To learn more about it, and to find out what the world’s favorite food is, check out http://www.oxfam.org/en/grow/what-is-grow (Hint: it doesn’t come on a stick, at least that we’ve seen).

Another attraction comes from our friends at Civia Cycles — stop by and enter your name to win their handy cycle-truck hybrid, the Halsted. We’re thinking it’d be perfect for small coffee deliveries, hauling burlap sacks to the garden, and pumpkins from the farmer’s market, but that’s just us. 

And finally, join us both Saturday mornings at 9:30am (that’s August 27th and September 3rd) for a brewing workshop by our Ringmaster of Coffee, Keith Tomlinson. He’ll teach you how to make a show-stopping cup of coffee in your own kitchen and give you tips for getting the best cup from a press pot, toddy maker or drip coffee system.

All the fun will be taking place at the Eco-Experience in the Progress Center Building — come join us for a free cup of coffee, lots of chatter, coupons to save on your next pound of coffee and a chance at a brand new bike. Bring a friend!

*Texas has us beat in terms of overall attendance, but they spread it over twice as many days.  Not that we’re competing or anything.

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Published by Peace Coffee on August 15, 2011.

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