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‘Tis the season for staying in bed a few precious extra seconds each morning to delay the day’s chill. As you strive each morning to change out of your pajamas into an appropriate amount of layers to greet the cold, we invite you to stop by our coffee shops for a warm up. Each winter, our baristas do their best to capture the aroma and flavor of warmth and transform it into liquid form.

Our winter offerings give you a chance to slow down and greet winter like an old friend; a season to embrace whether you are planning to go back under the covers or on an adventure into a snowy landscape. We encourage you to take these carefully crafted drinks along with you either way and savor each warming sip.

Fireside Chat

When the weather outside is frightful, our Fireside Chat is so delightful. Our customer favorite returns for a full season of sweet, spiced caffeination. The Fireside Chat is an Americano with housemade clove syrup and expressed orange oil, the perfect compliment to a snowy morning by the fire.


A mug of warmth without the caffeine, Glühtee is our take on a spicy Scandinavian winter favorite, Glogg. Glühtee is a warming beverage with layers of fruit and dry spice to help you fight the chill of winter mornings. We start with Rishi’s Plum Hibiscus herbal tea and add mulling spices, honey, and a dash of Bittercube blackstrap bitters to round it out and add a smooth richness. We are not saying you should take one home and slip some whiskey or red wine in your cup, but we would not blame you if you did.

Noggy & Nice (December Only)

Our ode to something so lovely and so complex that we felt it best to offer in its purest form, Noggy & Nice is a cup of chilled eggnog and a shot of Wonderland Park espresso served side-by-side. Like a tray of cookies and milk for Santa, Noggy & Nice is a perfect holiday season pairing that we encourage you to sip simultaneously.

Snow Emergency (January & February)

A drink perhaps only appreciated by longtime Minnesotans, the Snow Emergency is a latte made in the tradition of our snow-swept city streets. A base of housemade salted caramel is steamed with espresso and milk in a perfect swirl reminiscent of a salt truck cruising down Minnehaha Ave. Topped with a sprinkle hickory smoked almonds and sea salt, it is a perfect drink to pick up on your way home from the impound lot.

Stop by soon for a taste of these wintry creations and warm up with us!

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Published by Peace Coffee on November 27, 2017.

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