Easy Breezy

June 1, 2015

Memorial Day has come and gone and summer is finally here, so we’re taking that as our invitation to pour a fresh menu of seasonal drinks. Guaranteed to be as fresh and breezy as the white linen suit you’re now permitted to wear.

Café Horchata

Relax and refresh with a Café Horchata, our interpretation of the classic Latin American drink spiked with cold brewed coffee. Rice, almond, and cashew milks combine in a pint-sized beverage that’s creamy and cooling—and vegan too!

If you’re looking for something caffeine-free, we’re also pouring the same generous pint of house-made Horchata without Yeti Cold Press. Perfect for those summer evenings when the sun never seems to set, but you might want to get to sleep anyway.

Happy Days

Our next special is brought to you by reruns of classic TV, those staples of summer vacation. Happy Days are here again! This season they come in a pint glass, filled with the perfect blend of half-and-half, espresso and sparkling water. A dash of sarsaparilla root syrup brings it all together and just might evoke another summer classic, the root beer float.

Draper’s Farewell

Classic and classy as a linen suit in summer, we present the Draper’s Farewell; our ode to Don Draper’s drink of choice and the end of a truly great show. Inspired by the Old Fashioned, we shake our espresso, Bittercube Cherry Vanilla bitters and simple syrup with ice and strain it into a sippable soliloquy to the end of an era. You can drink this one during the work day even if yours isn’t a 4 martini lunch kind of office.

Summery Lemonades

Finally, we’ll be mixing up rotating compound lemonades all summer long inspired by the bounty of the growing season. First up, taste the first fruits of summer in a Strawberry Rhubarb Lemonade. Served sparkling or still and guaranteed to refresh.


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Published by Peace Coffee on June 1, 2015.

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