Combatting Coffee Leaf Rust

November 3, 2015

Oscar Omar Alonzo Aguilar farms coffee on a plot of land alongside his brother in Honduras. Oscar’s coffee is thriving while his brother’s crop struggles. The brothers are growing coffee in a region highly affected by climate change – one result of this climate change is the dramatic increase in a destructive parasitic fungus called Hemileia Vastatrix, also known as coffee leaf rust.

What’s working for Oscar?

Oscar has applied efficient micro-organisms that strengthen his plant’s defenses and the results are extraordinary. This is part of a method of farming called agroecology – a practice that’s about finding solutions to nature’s problems by utilizing nature herself.

What is Agroecology?

Agroecology is an approach to agriculture that values people and the planet over the profits of global agribusiness. By combining the best in science with farmer knowledge, we can authentically assist farmers and inform global policymaking to create a just, fair and sustainable food system.

How are IATP and Peace Coffee involved?

Peace Coffee and the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP) are working together to learn more about farmers’ own agroecology innovations, while sharing and creating cutting-edge research from top agroecology researchers.

In 2016, Peace Coffee is partnering with IATP to increase our collective impact – we’re going to roll out expanded work on agroecology to take advantage of new opportunities in global policy.

With Peace Coffee, IATP has the chance to put theory into practice. Peace Coffee is proud to be working with farmers like Oscar – and we are helping him to thrive in an ever-changing climate. We need your help now to make sure farmers have access to the support and information they need to give them an edge – bringing researchers and farmers together to create solutions that are community driven and ensure sustainability in the face of climate change.

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Published by Peace Coffee on November 3, 2015.

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