Announcing two new coffees!!

April 17, 2017

We proudly welcome two new coffees into our lineup, available today!

Tree Hugger Blend

Trees have a special place in a coffee lover’s heart; naturally an understory plant, organic coffee thrives under a canopy of shade trees that help regenerate the soil, feed families, and generally make our planet a better place.

We’re proud to call ourselves tree huggers. Twenty years and counting of organic, bike delivered coffee, and we can’t hide our crunchy credentials. Inspired by the trees we love, we stand strong in our commitment to sustainability.

The dark roasted roots of Tree Hugger Blend dig deep for a smooth, well-rounded cup. Toasted walnut meets dried plum with honey sweetness, and a hint of smoke. Pair with a granola bar, fleece vest, and a hike in the woods.

Morning Glory Blend

Remastered as a light roast, we think you will love the new Morning Glory Blend! Bright and sweet with something for everyone. Pair with a table of fresh flowers, good friends, & a plate of lemon bars.

Morning Glory Blend is a gathering coffee; whether it’s a sacred moment with friends, your thoughts, or an afternoon at the farmer’s market, this coffee inspires a balance of movement and stillness. We invite you to share the warmth of this blend over breakfast, with dessert, or after an early morning walk.

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Published by Peace Coffee on April 17, 2017.

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