Always Fun at the Fair

September 24, 2015

This year at the “Great Minnesota Get Together”, Peace Coffee again partnered with Renewing The Countryside to offer weary fairgoers with coffee from 9am-12pm during weekdays and 9am-3pm on fair weekends! With the help of our roastery staff, baristas, friends and family we connected with over 12,000 fairgoers, offering them complimentary samples of a rotating selection of fresh brewed Peace Coffee. We honored Minnesota’s long standing and diverse farming heritage with a celebration of different representations in our state’s immigrant farming culture each day. Food-driven cultural presentations were given by The Sioux Chef, Chin Dian, Sen Yai Sen Lek, Flamingo Ethiopian and Ghandi Mahal. Peace Coffee chose to accent this theme with different coffees each day that highlighted a specific farmer cooperative partnership. Our Peruvian (CENFROCAFE), Guatemalan Light (CHAJUL), Ethiopian (SCFCU), and Sumatran Full City (PERMATA GAYO) coffees were just a few offerings enjoyed daily.

The Minnesota State Fair is the greatest stately celebration of all, and this year’s edition did not disappoint. With new foods like Berry French Toast with Pop Rocks (Blue Barn, #1 on this list), chocolate-dipped ‘cherry on a spoon’ Johnny Pop, Izzy’s Butter Queen Coffee Ice Cream, and the ever-popular S’mores Beer, the fair was a perfect place to introduce eager attendees to some new caffeination.

We see value in having a presence at the fair because it attracts so many folks from all over our state, and others. We are often asked about our company, our mission and what makes our coffee great. The opportunity to share with new faces and bring people into the story of Peace Coffee in this way is immeasurable. People were often surprised to hear of our interesting beginnings and the fact that we are approaching 20 years of full-fledged organic coffee zeal. Farmers were at the forefront of our booth each day and we were privileged to share their amazing work with so many. Maybe you stopped by to say hello, grab a sip, a magnet or a coupon, consider this your official reminder to put it to good use!! Cheers to the many friends, new and old, that were made and we look forward to sharing many foods on a stick over coffee in the years to come.

-Mel, Ryan and Team Blue Ribbon!

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Published by Peace Coffee on September 24, 2015.

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