A Coffee Shade of Winter

November 30, 2016

Winter. The days are short, the weather is cold, our layers are thick, and sometimes a warm drink is just the ticket. We’ve concocted a menu to celebrate the flavors of the season and warm you through and through.

Our perennial winter favorite, the Fireside Chat is back. It’s an Americano (espresso + hot water) spiced with orange oil and a dose of clove syrup: sweet, spicy, and guaranteed to make you feel festive. We’re also introducing the Crimson Fog, our take on the classic tea latté. We start with a malty Golden Yunnan tea, add steamed milk (your choice of milk products), and a shot of tart cherry-allspice syrup for a winter warmer that’s ready take on the cold days to come.

Naughty? Nice? Either way, stop by in December for the drink of the month, the Noggy & Nice. One shot of espresso paired with a rich glass of Autumnwood Farm eggnog. Drink it as a chaser, mix them together, or sip in alternation—any way you try it, it’s a delicious indulgence. (Eggnog also sold separately).

If the new year has you making new healthier plans, our January special, the Café Havregrød, just might hit the spot. A latté made with oat milk and brown sugar, and finished with a dash of cranberry bitters and a sprinkling of roasted almonds, it’s basically the equivalent of drinking your morning porridge. Come January, stop by for what could be the most important drink of the day!

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Published by Peace Coffee on November 30, 2016.

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