2014 MN State Fair Recap

September 19, 2014

This year at the great Minnesota get together, Peace Coffee partnered with Renewing the Countryside to sample delicious coffee to fairgoers every one of the 12 mornings of the fair! Our picturesque booth was in the healthy local foods area of the Eco Experience Building and from there we gave out nearly 10,000 cups of three of our classic favorites: Birchwood Breakfast Blend, Twin Cities Blend and Guatemalan Dark Roast.

The Minnesota State Fair is perhaps the greatest state celebration of all, and this year’s festival was one of the best to date. The last breaths of summer were favorable to our great Minnesota tradition with beautiful weather that brought out record attendance. Everyone was out trying new foods like pretzel cheese curds, fried chicken with gravy in a waffle cone, so the fair was a perfect place to introduce eager attendees to our coffees. Our crew’s favorite after a long shift was hands down the S’mores beer, a dark, rich Porter in a glass rimmed with chocolate, sugar and graham crackers served with a head of marshmallows. Please can this be real outside of the fairgrounds!?

Tasty treats aside, participating in a big event like the State Fair helps us connect with people from all over the region. The most common question from the other side of the table was ‘What is Peace Coffee?’, which gave our staff a unique opportunity to talk about our mission, and the work of the farmers who grow our coffee—perfect for an event rooted in our state’s agricultural heritage.

Perhaps you stopped by to say hello, grab a sip, a magnet or a coupon—consider this your official reminder to put it to good use!! Cheers to the many friends, new and old, that were greeted with warm smiles and hot coffee to fuel their fair experience. Come see us again next year!

– Mel and Ryan, Team Blue Ribbon

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Published by Peace Coffee on September 19, 2014.

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