20 years of Peace Coffee

January 19, 2016

We couldn’t have made it this far without the hard work of our farmer partners around the world, our dedicated staff and you, our loyal customers. We can’t wait to raise a mug with you as we celebrate our 20th year and many more to come!


After conversations with coffee farmers in Mexico, our founding organization, The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP), purchases a container of their coffee at a fair price.


Peace Coffee is incorporated and we begin selling our first bags of roasted coffee door to door, to neighbors, family and friends.


We begin delivering our beans by bicycle to a handful of local businesses.


Peace Coffee founds a green coffee importer, Cooperative Coffees, with six other coffee companies, expanding our ability to trade directly with farmers.

We purchase our first coffee container from APECAFORM, source of our flagship Guatemalan Dark Roast.


Peace Coffee moves out of its basement offices at IATP and starts roasting coffee at the Green Institute Building in the heart of south Minneapolis.

We import the United States’ first container of Ethiopian fair trade organic coffee from the Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (OCFCU).


Peace Coffee becomes a certified organic processing facility.


First delivery van purchased, runs on biodiesel.


Peace Coffee joins in the relief efforts to support coffee farmers impacted by the December 2004 tsunami that hit the Aceh province of Sumatra.


Peace Coffee joins a Habitat for Humanity delegation to Guatemala to rebuild homes of coffee farmers affected by Hurricane Stan.


Peace Coffee adds a second full-time bike delivery person, developing a sustainable metro delivery squad.


Our roastery space expands, adding an additional roasting machine and a quality control laboratory.


Cooperative Coffees receives its first USAID “Farmer to Farmer” grant, allowing us to foster deeper learning and information exchange amongst our producer partners.


Peace Coffee opens our Wonderland Park location, our first coffee shop. The space includes a classroom for coffee education and trainings.

Pollinator Blend is released, marking the beginning of our rotating seasonal coffee program.


In line with our commitment to full transparency, QR codes are added to packaging, making traceability of our coffee supply chain easy to access.


Alchemy Series is launched, designed to highlight single origin offerings and showcase the roaster’s craft.


Cooperative Coffees roaster members agree to pay an additional 5 cents per pound for coffees that come from communities impacted by coffee leaf rust.

Peace Coffee is named as one of the best companies to work for by Minnesota Business Magazine.


Two more coffee counters are added at Lakewinds Food Co-op and in the Capella Tower.

Peace Coffee becomes one of the first Public Benefit Corporations in the Minnesota with the stated specific benefit of paying fair prices to small scale coffee farmers.


Peace Coffee opens its fourth coffee shop on the skyway level of Capella Tower in downtown Minneapolis.

We import the United States’ first container of Laotian fair trade organic coffee from the Bolaven Plateau Coffee Producers Association.


We are on track to roast over 20 containers of green coffee from 12 countries and in partnership with over 20 farmer cooperatives.

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Published by Peace Coffee on January 19, 2016.

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