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Toasting In Style

Our spirited pals down the street at Du Nord Craft Spirits have been concocting incredible liquids for years, and they recently freshened up their look! Our favorite, Cafe Frieda, is made with Yeti Cold Brew, and we’re thrilled to share a few tippling ideas for any celebration.

Loony Manhattan

Our take on the classic Manhattan gets a boost of coffee from Cafe Frieda. A delightful drink to enjoy at home, in your sweatpants and dancing slippers, to usher in a more hopeful and brighter New Year!

What You Need

1.5 oz Bourbon whiskey (not your best bottle)
3/4 oz Sweet vermouth (we use Punt E Mes or Toro)
1/2 oz Du Nord Craft Spirits Cafe Frieda
2-3 Dashes aromatic bitters
Optional: Amarena or Maraschino cherry and three coffee beans (for health, happiness, and prosperity)
Round-cut orange peel flamed as a garnish

How To Make It

Add a scoop of ice to a mixing glass, measure and pour spirits over ice, and then add bitters to taste. Stir with a cocktail spoon for 60 seconds.
Once thoroughly chilled, strain into a coupe glass. Cut a quarter-sized orange peel being careful not to pierce the fruit. Hold 2 inches from glass rim, warm slightly with a match or lighter flame, squeeze the peel so that the oils spray through the flame and ignite. If using, add cherry and coffee beans.
Sip and enjoy!

The Dude

Fashioned with inspiration from the iconic Cohen brothers’ 1998 movie, The Dude is a take on a classic White Russian, kicked up by the coffee-forward Cafe Frieda. Sometimes we cheat a little and add coconut cream (or milk, but from a can, not from the dairy case) instead of moo cream, for a tropical twist…The Dude abides.

What You Need

2 oz Cafe Frieda Coffee Liqueur
0.5 – 1 oz Vodka (we use Du Nord Foundation Vodka)
Splash of vanilla extract
Spoon of cream

How To Make It

Add a scoop of ice to a lowball glass, pour measured spirits over ice, and stir to incorporate.
Add a drop or two of vanilla extract.
Pour cream over the backside of a teaspoon to ‘float’ it above the drink.
Sip and abide!

St. Louis No. 1

A bold, spicy yet balanced cocktail that has something for everyone! Think mole but boozy, and with that creeping tingle of zing that keeps you coming back for more.

What You Need

2 oz Cafe Frieda Coffee Liqueur
1 oz Yeti Cold Brew ConcentrateĀ 
0.5 oz chocolate syrup (yes, the brown bottle is just fine)
0.5 oz cayenne cinnamon simple syrup (make the orange clove syrup on this page, but substitute the cloves and orange for 2 broken cinnamon sticks and 1 tsp. of cayenne pepper or to taste)
Splash of vanilla extract

How To Make It

Add all ingredients to a cocktail tin with a heavy scoop of ice. Shake well until properly diluted and incorporated, about 45 seconds.
Use a strainer to pour into a coupe glass, including the light topping of foam from the shake.
Garnish with a dried chili or three coffee beans like the Loony Manhattan.

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Published by Peace Coffee on December 30, 2021.

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