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Our Hearts Are Heavy

Our city and many others across the nation are experiencing mountains of hardship, loss, and hurt right now. This past weekend was filled with grieving, unrest, protest, and also a call for justice and peace to be restored. We are fortunate that all our locations are unharmed, but the immediate areas around us have been severely damaged and will take much time to rebuild. Along with the businesses still standing in our area, our roastery is going into its fifth day with no power due to the inability to safely dispatch the city electricians.

Until electricity is restored and we can assure the safety of the roastery for our staff, delivery team, and shipping partners, we are unable to fulfill orders. We know that you plan to have your coffee order within a certain window of time, especially our coffee subscriptions, but we hope you can be patient and understanding as we navigate a difficult situation full of heartache unlike anything most of us have seen in our lifetime.

On Friday of last week our CEO, alongside, a team of amazing staff, former employees, and vendor partners worked together to move all of our inventory off-site, and also rerouted a delivery of green coffee from our farmer partners to offsite warehouses. Both the trucks and the space to store this product were kindly offered by other local coffee and beverage companies. We are immensely thankful for the show of support from these fellow business owners.

This reflects the general acts of goodness that were not shown on local and national news this past weekend. Our community is full of kind and beautiful people that came out to sweep our streets, put out fires, move debris, and provide essential supplies like food, masks, diapers, and medicine to those in need. We’ve also been witness to continuous peaceful protests demanding justice for George Floyd.  We love our city and have faith that together we can repair, heal, and make changes for the better. 

Sweeping Our Streets

As we wait for our power to be restored, we are taking a moment to reflect, check in with our loved ones, march and call for justice, and look for ways to give back by delivering food and essential supplies to community hubs. If you live nearby, grab a winter shovel, a push broom, garbage bags, masks, and gloves and find a local group to assist in organized and much appreciated sweeping up of our streets.

Join in a Clean Up

Handing Out Supplies

There are many folks who are in serious need of essential supplies due to damage and closure of grocery stores, big-box retailers, pharmacies, and further difficulty while public transit is paused. If you can help, here is a list of places you can donate supplies and/or money to in our immediate area.

Groups That Need Resources

We sincerely hope and ask you to please continue to support our business and those of so many others in our city that are working to rebuild, ensure safety, and provide their goods and services again as soon as they possibly can. We need healthy, vibrant, diverse, equitable communities to survive and thrive and it comes down to all of us doing the work together to make this world a better place.

Heads Up, Seeking Justice

We know the hardships for our business, the physical structures and streets, and many of our residents will pass. Things will get better. But what we know now, more than ever, is justice, equality, and peace must be our collective aim. The marginalized parts of our community, and communities across America, are crying out and being heard. To answer those cries, justice for George Floyd must be served.

Justice For George
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Published by Peace Coffee on June 1, 2020.

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