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We're At The Fair

There are few things more Minnesotan than celebrating the waning days of summer with buckets of warm chocolate chip cookies and all-you-can-drink milk from the dairy barn. Add a few deep-fried oddities on sticks and you’ve got yerself one heckuva 12-day party, dontcha know.

The Minnesota State Fair is second to none. Attracting 2 million of the Upper Midwest’s finest food lovers and fun-seekers to the Mighty Midway in St. Paul, MN, it’s our collective finest moment. Soaked in sun-drenched traditions, the fair beckons young and old to take a glide down the giant slide, munch a pronto-pup, or catch dazzling live entertainment all while making new memories and reliving old ones.

memories of fried food and free coffee

For about 30,000 of you, one of those memories might be at our booth in the Healthy Local Foods exhibit inside the Eco Experience. The Eco Experience is a building full of free activities, for kids and families alike, centered around sustainability in everything from water use and tree care to electric vehicles and wind energy. We’re at it again this year, partnering with family-farm champion and local food pioneers, Renewing the Countryside, to bring you one of the best free things at the state fair.

Stop by from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm each day for samples of our organic, fair trade coffee brewed fresh for you by our fair-fanatic staff. Better yet, bring a reusable mug and we’ll happily fuel your fair with a full cup of fresh brewed organic magic. This year we’re highlighting some of our favorite blends from each roast level: Morning Glory Blend (light roast), Birchwood Blend (medium roast), and Tree Hugger Blend (dark roast).

organic magic

The theme for the Healthy Local Foods area this year focuses on reducing food waste and if you drink as much coffee as we do, you know it can cause a lot of waste. The idea of coffee as organic magic is bigger than just the magical lift you might get from your morning cup, coffee can do magic even after you use it. In one of earth’s great marvels, used coffee grounds can be fortuitously returned to the soil to help your garden grow and deter pests. We’ll raise our morning mug to that!

As always, we’re debuting a collectible magnet featuring a jolly, bearded figure that wears red but doesn’t reside at the North pole. And we’ll have coupons, giveaways, and the usual merriment that only fair time can bring.

Corner of Randall and Cosgrove (see attached map), near Giggle’s Campfire Grill and the Fine Arts building, hope to see you there.

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Published by Peace Coffee on August 22, 2018.

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